Inhuman US mum jailed for starving her 2-month-old baby to death
Angel Poole, of Birmingham, Iowa, missed several check-ups for Judah and reportedly told police that she “never got round to it”. Read more
Young Mom dies falling down subway stairs as she carried baby
A young mum, 22 years old Malaysia Goodson, died after falling down the stairs of Manhattan subway station. The mum, from Stamford, Connecticut, was found unconscious on the platform and rushed to hospital but was declared dead on Monday, January 28, official say. Officals said she was carrying her daughter down... Read more
Giving Birth: Pushing for First-Time Moms
The expulsion of a first baby from a woman’s body is a space in time for much mischief and mishap to occur. It is also a space in time where her obstetrical future often gets decided and where she can be well served by a patient, rested midwife. Why... Read more
Colorado Woman Who Cut Baby from Pregnant Woman’s Womb Sentenced to 100 Years in Prison
A Colorado woman who was convicted of slicing open another woman and stealing her unborn child was sentenced to 100 years in prison on Friday, CNN reports. 35-year-old Dynel Lane was found guilty in February, nearly a year after her March 12 attack on Michelle Wilkins, a seven months... Read more

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