Movie Star Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Welcome Their First Baby

We say a big congratulations to  Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, as welcomed their first child together. The Oscar nominee, 42, and the Russian supermodel, 31, quietly welcomed their bundle of joy earlier this month. This is the first child for the couple, who started dating in April 2015…

SHOCKING!! – Dead Newborn Baby Comes Back To Life At Burial

On Tuesday, Medics in Bundi, western India, delivered the 24-weeks-old premature baby, which weighed only 350 grams. But after the vulnerable child appeared motionless and would not cry, she was pronounced dead. Yet as the family members were about to bury her, they felt the miracle baby’s heart beating and…

Unbelieveable – Girl found In Indian Forest Living With Monkeys

The fictional story of Mowgli from”The Jungle Book” appears to no longer be a fiction as a girl believed to be aged 10 to 12 was found living with the monkey’s deep inside the Katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, one of India’s most famous tiger reserves and also home to other Jungle Book…

Michelle Obama Wants Parents To Vote With Their Children In Mind
PHILADELPHIA — “With every word we utter, with every action we take, we know our kids are watching us,” Michelle Obama told the Democratic National Convention on Monday night. Her children, the first lady said, had lived a strange childhood in many ways, one in which they had been... Read more
Why Is Music Good For Your Child’s Development
Music has this magical ability to inspire, change our mood, the way we think and even how we behave. When listening to music, it can help us tolerate high levels of pain and certain types of music can even boost specific kinds of intelligence. But more often than not,... Read more
PHOTOS: Obama Works His Magic On Crying Baby In Japan
Tell us your baby-calming secrets, Mr. President. While en route to his historic visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Friday, President Barack Obama made a stop at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan. After his speech, the president made the rounds greeting those who attended. Read more
Baby born with huge fluid-filled growth containing part of her BRAIN defies odds to survive surgery and is now thriving
A four-year-old born with part of her brain growing outside her skull is thriving despite doctors giving her a slim chance of survival. Worried doctors feared Isabella Grote would be unable to breathe on her own when she was born. Her heartbroken parents, Sharlotte, 40, and Jim, 49, were... Read more
Top 10 Fertility Foods To Eat When You Are Trying To Conceive A Baby
Trying for a baby can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Taking temperatures, testing for ovulation, and counting the days to your next menstrual due-date all take their toll on your health, and your sense of well-being. You’re taking the prenatal vitamins, and you’re marking... Read more
10 Ways To Raise An Intelligent Baby: Backed By Science
Like any worthy endeavor, child rearing is full of joys and challenges. There are few guarantees that your child will arrive to adulthood a genius, but there are numerous ways to enhance your child’s health and potential. Intelligence is a general cognitive ability that, among other things, involves the... Read more
Malia Obama is going to Harvard — but taking a year off first
The wait is finally over. On Sunday, the White House announced that eldest daughter Malia Obama will attend Harvard University But the Sidwell Friends senior, 17, will not be heading to Cambridge, Mass. this coming fall. “Malia will take a gap year before beginning school,” read the statement from President... Read more
This Is Why Babies Smell So Damn Good, According To Science
Ah, babies: tiny humans that have the power to turn even the most cynical adult into a big goofball that speaks nonsense and does anything to get a smile. There’s no denying that babies are a lot of work and being a parent is stressful, but all of our... Read more
10 Common Car Seat Mistakes Parents Make All The Time That Harms Your Baby
In this country, one of the very first things that the nurses do after the baby is out, clean, and dry, is inquire about your baby’s car seat. And unless you live within wheelchair pushing distance of the hospital or have a homebirth, your baby will take their first... Read more
22 Cute Photos Of President Obama And Michelle Obama With Kids That Will Blow Your Mind
Here’s one demographic with which President Obama seems to not have much trouble: children. White House photographer Pete Souza regularly captures Obama playing with small visitors, saying: “Some are serious and some are humorous. And of course, some are with babies (since the President loves babies).” Read more

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