Movie Star Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Welcome Their First Baby

We say a big congratulations to  Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk, as welcomed their first child together. The Oscar nominee, 42, and the Russian supermodel, 31, quietly welcomed their bundle of joy earlier this month. This is the first child for the couple, who started dating in April 2015…

SHOCKING!! – Dead Newborn Baby Comes Back To Life At Burial

On Tuesday, Medics in Bundi, western India, delivered the 24-weeks-old premature baby, which weighed only 350 grams. But after the vulnerable child appeared motionless and would not cry, she was pronounced dead. Yet as the family members were about to bury her, they felt the miracle baby’s heart beating and…

10 Lovely Items That will Make This Easter Special for Your Baby

  In case you weren’t sure what to buy for your baby and were worried there was a chance your little one might be left out in the coming holidays well not to worry we have you covered. Here are ten item that will give your baby a wonderful Easter….

11 Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child
Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is also a crucial building block for other caring emotions. “It’s how we develop gratitude, hope, and compassion — which is the ability to act on your empathy,” explains Christine Carter, Ph.D., a sociologist and happiness expert at the Greater Good Science Center... Read more
10 Activities That Make Reading Fun For Kids
Are you looking for ways to encourage your child to read? Here are a few activities that can help kids to have a lot of fun and develop a lifelong love of reading in the process. 1. Become A Character From A Book! After each book is finished, designate... Read more
My daughter of 2 years old was s*xually abused by my husband cousin of 20 years old
My daughter of 2 years old was s*xually abused by my husband cousin of 20 years old. He went to pick her in school without our permission, took her home and assaulted her. When my husband was about to go and pick her, he said he had picked her(please... Read more
A Child Who Snores Performs Poorly In School. Here Is The Proof
Periodic snoring is usual in children , Persistent snoring however can lead to a disorder called sleep apnea that affects the quality of sleep which in turn can be linked with concentration and learning difficult. This data was derived from a presentation at the American Thoracic Society Conference. Sleep apnea is a... Read more
Do This And Your Kids Will Stop Bedwetting
Allison Smith, mom of three from Peterborough, Ont., remembers feeling ashamed and helpless when she struggled with bedwetting as a kid. Now that she’s helping her 10-year-old son, Ben, navigate the same problem, she’s conscious about doing it with compassion. “I can see that he’s embarrassed and frustrated, too,”... Read more
Mothers This Is How To Know Anxiety In Young Children: Symptoms And Signs
Anxiety can be a common feeling that everyone experiences at some point in their lives in response to a stressful emotional situation. This unpleasant state is comprised of the body biochemical response to a real or perceived threat of danger, and involves a subjective sense of fear and worry.... Read more
Popular Educational Toys For Baby & Toddlers (Age 1 to 3) You Will Fell In Love With
Because small children are too little to attend school, kiddos learn through play. It’s extremely important to choose useful, age-appropriate toys for your children to encourage intellectual stimulation and physical growth. Below is a list of top educational toys for toddler that will either promote intellectuality in your kiddo... Read more
TV Rules For Children That Will Influence Them Positively
In our house, we don’t watch TV during the week. We are just too darn busy to stop everything and watch a TV show, and by the time baby, school, homework, dinner and chores are finished, it’s time for bed anyway. Weekends are often full, too, but we are... Read more
Best 6 Steps To Help Your Child Cope in Divorce
There was a viral video about a 6-year-old giving her parents tips on a healthy divorce. It was quite moving and made me think that she was talking from her own little life experience. As much as this is a hard time for you and your spouse, it is... Read more
5 Things Parents Should Never Say To Their Children
This will be a tough read for some moms and parents, but it shares a vital truth: Parents who say the following 5 things to their kids are unknowingly damaging their children. Most parents may only use one or two of these tactics when scolding their children – but,... Read more

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