Woman In England Hopes To Breastfeed Daughter Until She Is 10 Years Old
For some people, breastfeeding is a controversial topic and something that continues to make headlines across the country for various reasons. Whether it’s a woman discussing how she was made to feel ashamed for nursing in public or a mother choosing to naturally feed her child for an extended... Read more
Too much or not? Viral pics from a newborn baby’s photoshoot that’s got people talking!
After Australian based photographer, Donnay Zulberg shared these photos, people began to question the safety of the child involved. She responded, saying: “Safety first! I have had a variety of comments on this post. Do not attempt this pose without assistance or an understanding of composite work. It’s what... Read more
Most people think about child marriage as something that only occurs in additional countries—and nobody might envision it occurring in Europe or America. But what you might not know is the fact that some states in the United States allow kids as fresh as 12 to officially committed. So... Read more
The Unbelievably Inspiring Story of a Boy Whose Skin Grows Too Fast (Born Different)
This baby was hardly anything that resembled a human infant when he was born back in 2011. He was covered in scales, eyes crusted over, and it appeared he had been through some horrific accident. His Connecticut parents indeed were shocked as the baby couldn’t even open up his... Read more
The young mother desperately wanted a home birth. The resulting photos are simply incredible
While home births were normal back in the day, they are now making a huge comeback as couples are opting for a more natural birth that many say are best for both mother and baby. Alana Ferreira was set to have her second child and opted for a home... Read more
The Odd Stories Of These Mothers Will Make Your Hair Stand
When a woman becomes a mother, she is stronger than ever. There is nothing that could stop her. These women have proved that time again. Each one of them has come out through very tough situations to become the world’s strongest Mothers. The Octomom, world’s youngest mother to world’s... Read more
They were the rarest triplets in the world… but what they look like now brought tears to my eyes
The arrival of triplets is always something extra special. But sisters, Mackenzie, Macy and Madeline Garrison are even more unusual. Of all triplet births, theirs is only the second known case in which two of the children came into the world as conjoined twins. Against all odds, Macy and Mackenzie survived the critical... Read more
Video Reveals the Horrors of Babies Born Addicted to Crack
WARNING: Video may be too distressing for some viewers. Babies who have been exposed to crack cocaine during pregnancy show a variety of symptoms after being born. While some newborns may lie motionless in an incubator with feeding tubes protruding from their tiny body, others show absolutely no symptoms... Read more
Like mother, like daughter: 20 photos where moms and daughters look alike
Many women dream of having a daughter. We can do their hair, buy cute dresses, and share life advice. And honestly, who doesn’t want to have a cute mini-version of themselves? Bright Side team wants to share photos of women whose dreams came true. We wish you the same! © tumblr.com © Paula Goble © facebook.com © pinterest.com ©... Read more
13 Cool Guys Who Managed to Make Fatherhood the Best Job in the World
Here are 13 of the most amazing dads who know for sure how to make their kids’ childhood unforgettable. They know how to make their daughters feel pretty They’re always ready to play hide and seek The grocery shopping is no problem at all for them They believe in love at first sight They understand the power of cuddles They’re... Read more

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