“This is not my baby” Mom tzkes DNA test to prove newborn is not her baby
Mercy Casanalles gave birth to a baby boy in Texas. When the nurse handed the baby to her Mercy said that the child wasn’t hers. But, what could they do? She and her husband, Rich Cushworth, took the baby home. But Mercy just had this feeling that told her... Read more
Teen bullied in school hospitalized with fractured skull and serious brain injury
A mother says her teen son spent multiple days in a coma after suffering serious head trauma in an altercation at school she believes is linked to bullying. 16-year-old from Elko, Nevada, has suffered serious head injuries at the hands of a bully, according to reports.  Read more
How your breast changes during Pregnancy
During pregnancy, your tommy isn’t the only part of your body that changes. It is no secret that many other parts of your body changes too. Read more
Her skin hardened within seconds & it began to split. Behind the curtain, I sensed their panic. My husband’s silence scared me. ‘It’s bad’, he said. — As I sat alone in a hospital room in shock, I just kept hearing, ‘What just happened?’ Visions of my daughter, the... Read more

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