Unbelieveable – Girl found In Indian Forest Living With Monkeys

The fictional story of Mowgli from”The Jungle Book” appears to no longer be a fiction as a girl believed to be aged 10 to 12 was found living with the monkey’s deep inside the Katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, one of India’s most famous tiger reserves and also home to other Jungle Book…

Young lady kills boyfriend’s 7 year old son because she needed explanations
A 7-year-old Texas boy died after his father’s girlfriend opened fire as the man drove away with his son and two other children, police said Friday. Read more
Man in Trouble For Marrying Mother and Daughter At The Same Time
Christopher I. Hauptmann, A 44-year-old man from Pennsylvania,  has been sentenced to prison after he was found guilty of marrying a 43-year-old woman and at the same time her 18-year-old daughter. Hauptmann was convicted of bigamy, forgery and un-sworn falsification to authorities as he married the daughter of his wife without... Read more
Do you know the first thing that happens to your body to confirm you are pregnant?
Could you be pregnant? The proof is in the pregnancy test. But even before you miss a period, you might suspect — or hope — that you’re pregnant. Know the first signs of pregnancy and why they occur. Read more
Video: This 14-year old needs a life-saving surgery before the pound tumor on his face suffocates him
A 14-year-old suffering from a 10-pound tumor on his face is set to undergo life-saving surgery to remove the mass before it suffocates him. Emanuel Zayas, 14, was born with polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, a condition that replaces tissue with bone causing deformities of the legs, arms and skull. What... Read more
‘Stunts’ banned in India schools
Schools in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu are to be instructed not to stage events with “risky” stunts, an official told the BBC. Read more
17-Year-Old Who’s A Mom To 7 Kids Has Demand She Thinks Taxpayers Should Foot The Bill For
When she was just 14-years-old, Argentine teenager Pamela Villarruel gave birth to her first child. The birth would set her down a path that she could not turn away from. For the next two years, she got pregnant back to back and subsequently gave birth to six more children.... Read more
The Singing Trump makes Backstreet Boys ‘GREAT AGAIN’ on AGT—got standing ovation from Mel B
Actor Jeff Trachta, from The Bold and The Beautiful, took to the stage as President Trump again. After his first jaw-dropping performance, which saw him through to the next round, two months later he aced two Backstreet Boys classics, winning even Mel B’s approval. So, if you’re after a good laugh,... Read more
“Why I left my wedding to write my exams” — Bride who wrote exam in her wedding gown
Last week, we were hit with photos of a lady who reportedly left her wedding reception, to rush down to school to write her exam in her wedding gown. Read more
How Pizza Got its Circular Shape and cut in triangular shape
What is the meaning of life? Is our universe real? Do we have free will? There are many philosophical questions that may never be answered. Fortunately, there is one that we can answer. Read more
Meet the 6-year-old ‘one-armed’ golfer, who has qualified for US kids world championships with his super shots
This 6-year-old boy is not your average golfer. If his age doesn’t grab your attention, there are two things that will—his only hand and his one-handed swing, which never misses. Read more

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