Very sad, this boy lost his mother and did not take off for a moment from the coffin
Communicating the death of a loved one, like a father or a mother, is always a difficult news to transmit, but when the recipient is a child, who does not even know what death is, it gets even more complicated. Read more
Classmate calls 4-year-old girl ‘ugly’—but she shrugs off the insult with a brilliant response
How do you boost your child’s self-confidence? A mom from the Bahamas may have a good strategy. Just watch how her adorable daughter reacted to a classmate’s cruel insult! Read more
Little girl’s puppy taken by thieves—after learning pup’s big secret, they promptly return it
A 4-year-old girl was heartbroken when her beloved puppy went missing after their home was burglarized, and the family appealed again and again through the media to have their little dog returned. Three days later, to their surprise, they saw something moving around outside in their backyard. Read more

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