7 World’s Heaviest Babies Ever Born Will Amaze You With Their Size!
What’s the usual weight of a newborn? Well, between 5.5 and 10 pounds, you may answer. And that is right! However, every rule has its exceptions and these stories prove them. Moms give birth to unusually heavy babies! Well, in some cases, the babies’ weight can be explained from... Read more
Beyonce & JAY-Z’s Baby Twins’ Names Finally Revealed!!
As you’re no doubt well aware, it’s been four days since Beyonce welcomed twins, and there’s still no word on their names. No official word from Beyonce herself, that is. But now, we finally know how your queen’s newest descendants have been christened. Well, maybe. We’re still relying on... Read more
Its Raining Twins!! George Clooney and wife, Amal welcome twins
It appears to be raining twins this quarter of the year as actor, George Clooney and wife Amal Alamuddin have joined a celebrities such as Chris Webber in welcoming twins. The couple were blessed with a boy and a girl, according to a witty statement they issued through their spokesman,... Read more
How To Keep Your Baby Or Young Child Cool At Night In The Hot Weather
So check out these 14 tips on how to keep your children comfortable at night so everyone can get a good night’s rest. 1. Appropriate clothing If the room temperature climbs to 25C or hotter during the night then just a nappy and thin cotton vest is likely to... Read more
She Put Her Twins Baby In The Sink. Their Reaction? Hilarious
Uncontrolled levels of laughter can be infectious and it’s the absolute cure for anyone’s weekday blues: and that’s what these adorable laughing babies offer! I find a baby’s giggles to be so adorable and incomparable since they never lack cuteness. Imagine a sight of a baby who has been... Read more
This Is True Love – NFL Player, Wife Fights To Keep Unborn Baby Despite Brain Defect
fullback Evan Rodriguez and his wife Olivia are expecting a little girl in December, who has a rare birth defect, anencephaly. The couple has been speaking out about the diagnosis and their decision to keep their baby girl despite the fact that she will not survive long after birth... Read more
40 Glorious Baby Pictures That Will Put A Smile On Your Face… You’re Welcome
The following cute baby photos collection is brilliant examples of how the perspective and angle you choose can give you truly memorable photographs. Some parents go their entire life without ever taking a photo of their baby. A special moment is lost before you know it, so preserve those... Read more
A woman dubbed a “super mum” has shared an eye-opening video showing what it takes to get triplets and a toddler to bed. The 2-minute time-lapsed video shows 26-year-old Corrie Whyte from Ontario, Canada, contending with her triplets Jackson, Olivia and Levi, and toddler Emily as she attempts to get... Read more
In this heartwarming video, premature twins Kristian and Kristiana hold hands against their father’s chest, despite being born at just 29 weeks. Anthea Jackson-Rushford from Victoria, Australia, went into labour earlier this month; and posted the video on Facebook to give hope to other parents who have premature babies. Mrs Jackson-Rushford posted... Read more
If You’re a Parent, You’ll Appreciate This Mom’s Hilarious Viral Video!
If you’re a parent who is having a particularly hard time getting through your day today, we have just the video for you! Now, we can’t guarantee that it will make you feel better—in fact, the situation surrounding this event may make your heart start to race—but it does... Read more

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