There’s a lot of scaremongering around when women should and shouldn’t have babies. We’re told our biological clocks are ticking and if we don’t get pregnant by the time we’re 35, our fertility will fall off a cliff and we’ll never have children. Our results suggests that children born... Read more
Mother Of Nine Sons Is Pregnant Again And You Won’t Believe What Gender Her Next Child Is
Imagine Nine pairs of muddy, smelly trainers are lined up in the hall like Russian dolls running from largest to smallest. Above them hang nine coats and nine sets of clothes for the day, most of them school uniforms. In the kitchen, the table is filled with enough bowls... Read more
First Time Mum In San Diego Desperate To Save Her Baby’s Life
A baby in Hawaii has been fighting for life since the moment he was born. Now, his family says the only hope they have to save the 4-month-old, is medical care in San Diego. Raini Ching’s son, Reyson, was born with a rare heart defect that required major surgery... Read more
Adorable Triplet Make Medical History After Undergoing Surgery For Rare Skull Condition
Surgeons in New York have performed skull surgery on triplet infants for the first time ever. Amy Howard gave birth to Jackson, Hunter, and Kaden in October 2016. She and husband Michael are first-time parents and Ms Howard she “was terrified . It took me a little bit of... Read more
4 Important Cues That Will Help You Understand What Your Baby Is Trying To Tell You
Your baby’s cues, or non-verbal language, are his or her way of trying to tell you what he or she needs. It may take a few weeks to get to know your baby’s cues, but if you do some baby-watching, you will be amazed at how even very young... Read more
Sorry Fathers But Recent Scientific Research Suggests Intelligence In Children Comes From Their Mother
Mothers have always been good at passing on advice, but now it seems they are also likely to be the ones responsible for how intelligent their children are. Recent scientific research suggests that rather than intelligence being genetically inherited from both their parents, it comes from their mother. Writing... Read more
Jenna Jameson Shares Snaps Of Her Baby’s First Photo Shoot! The Pics Are Too Adorable
She’s already a modeling natural! Jenna Jameson‘s 2-week-old daughter Batel Lu spent her first professional photo shoot sound asleep, as seen in sweet snapshots exclusively shared with PEOPLE. In the gorgeous photos, baby Batel — who was snapped by Riley Cooper Photography — wears only a fuzzy white diaper and simple bow headband.... Read more
New Study Finds Babies Born Through IVF More Likely To Develop Cancerous Cells
MILLIONS of women around the world are turning to IVF to fall pregnant, but a new study has found these “test tube” babies are more likely to develop cancer later in life. From 1991 until 2013, researchers from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev examined 242,187 newborn babies until... Read more
These 15 Baby Accessories Can Cause Serious Injuries To Babies
Sure we know baby accessories are made for  comfort, support and beautification but like were about to find out some of these innocent gears and apparels can be dangerous in certain situations. 15 Sleep Positioners These are most commonly used to keep a baby from rolling over onto his... Read more
You Won’t Believe What This 34 Year Old Mother Said After Her First C-Section
There are numerous reasons why a woman may choose to have a cesarean section, some which may include Having an obstruction, such as a large fibroid, that would make a vaginal delivery difficult or impossible. The baby has a known malformation or abnormality that would make a vaginal birth... Read more

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