Sleep lessons halve obesity rate in babies – study
Teaching parents how to improve their baby’s sleep appears to roughly halve the rate of childhood obesity, but the authors of a new University of Otago study are not sure why, because the lessons did not improve sleep duration or quality.Study co-leader Prof Barry Taylor said the sleep lessons... Read more
Video: When & How to Start Brushing Baby Teeth
As your baby grows, his mouth will slowly change from a gummy smile to one filled with baby teeth. Although these teeth are small, they are important as they reserve a spot for the adult teeth. It is crucial that you care for your baby’s teeth and keep them... Read more
Eating Fruit While Pregnant May Boost Your Baby’s Intelligence
New research raises the intriguing possibility that eating more fruit during pregnancy could boost the intelligence of a normal, healthy baby. Read more
Learn how to reduce the risk of your baby dying of SIDS
September is National Infant Mortality Awareness Month. So what better time to discuss how to make your home safe and comfortable for your new little one? Read more
The sock that could save your baby’s life
For new parents, putting their baby down to sleep can be a scary thing. Sudden infant death syndrome is the leading cause of death in infants 1 to 12 months old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so it’s no surprise that parents of newborns are... Read more
Baby who looked eight months’ pregnant because of deadly disease is saved thanks to her doting dad’s kidney donation
A BABY whose deadly disease made her look eight months’ pregnant has been giving a life-saving kidney transplant, thanks to her dad’s donation. Read more
Baby product warning: Tommee Tippee super soft dummies recalled over safety fear
Tommee Tippee super soft dummies are being recalled over safety fears. Read more
Baby Weight: How chubby is too chubby?
Unless your 3 month old child Is suffering congestive heart failure, renal disorders and/or endocrine disorders, chubby is nothing to worry about. Read more

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