Top 35 Baby Names Inspired By African Heritage
When you have a baby, your live is all about changing diapers, waking up multiple times a night, and just trying to survive! Welcome to parenthood! Being a mother is hard work. But the first time your baby smiles at you? Well, that is the moment you forget all... Read more
Baby names are a bit like fashion – every season has popular favourites and ‘trendy’ names. Inevitably this leads to a whole lot of kids who have the same name (yes there are four Hannah’s in this classroom, sorry teacher). Read more
Photos: Baby suffers severe burns after kerosene explosion
A political aide to Delta State Governor in Nigeria and blogger, Ossai Ovie Success posted the photos along with a list of precautionary measures. He didn’t say when or where it happened. However, a woman and her  3-month-old baby suffered severe burns in a fire incident caused by a... Read more
4 Basic Breastfeeding Positions You Should Know
Breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks in stock photos of moms nursing their babies. You’d think breastfeeding happens naturally — yes, it can – but it doesn’t often happen instantaneously. You need to do your research and know everything you can about it. Information is power, and... Read more
20 Things to consider before naming your baby
Naming your children is an important endeavor. After all, they have to live with it for their entire lives. It isn’t always as easy as going with a name you like, either. Here are 20 things to think about before choosing a baby name. Read more
50 Baby names parents are forbidden to use
What’s in a name? If the answer to that question is something that can be perceived as “blasphemous,” “too foreign” or “inappropriate,” it’s likely to be banned in Saudi Arabia. Read more
‘I regret my baby’s name … not once, but twice!’
But somehow in the post-haze of birth, amid a crying newborn, the fog of sleeplessness and being hit by the train of the new world of parenthood you question everything you ever knew before. Read more
Nearly a fifth of parents regret baby name – survey
An online poll of more than 1,000 parents carried out by Mumsnet found that 18% of parents regretted the name they chose for their offspring, but only 2% actually changed their child’s name. Read more
12 Baby Names Inspired By Beautiful Places Around The World
Savannah, London, Brooklyn. In 2016, that might be your list of places to visit next year, or maybe it’s your preschooler’s new class list. City, state and country names for kids have gone mainstream, and plenty of parents are borrowing baby naming inspiration from the map. Read more
Unisex baby names are on the rise and these are the 25 most popular
When we named Post-Gender Baby Names as our Number 1 trend for 2016, we were mostly just guessing. Oh sure, the guess was backed up by some strong cultural trends, from marriage equality to trans recognition, as well as a raft of celebrity baby names. Read more

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