How to Predict a Baby’s First Word
After about a year, give or take, of staring and babbling, babies eventually begin to say their first words. Mama. Ball. Dog. Millions of parents all over the world know this. Read more
Here’s why ‘baby talk’ is good for your baby
When we read, it’s very easy for us to tell individual words apart: In written language, spaces are used to separate words from one another. But this is not the case with spoken language – speech is a stream of sound, from which the listener has to separate words... Read more
Hear This Baby Say “Hello” — at 7 Weeks Old!
Irish mom Toni McCann recently turned on her camera phone to record what she thought would be a sweet, one-sided convo with her 7-week-old baby, Cillian. And at first, everything seemed run of the mill. Read more
Your Baby from 16 to 18 Months: Baby’s Language Development
Once toddlers figure out that everything has a name, they want to label their world Read more
25 Words a 2-Year-Old Should Be Saying
Not sure if your 24-month-old’s language is on the right track? We’ve got you covered! By age 2, most kids are talking. There’s a wide range in the number of words they use, but it’s typically suggested that they should be using at least 50. However, recent research led... Read more
Ways to Get Babies to Talk
If there is one thing that every mother wants to hear from their children, then it has to be “mom”. The pronunciation of the word can vary from language to language, but when it comes to the feeling then it’s universal, joyous and proud. Read more
14 toddler translations for every parent whose child has started talking
Your toddler babbles with such intent as you try your hardest to work out what they’re saying. Read more
50 Beautiful Christian Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings
As a new mother, your priority is to ensure your baby’s well being. But do you only have to worry about your daughter’s health? Not at all! You also have the responsibility to teach her about your beliefs and morals. Read more
5 Tips for Baby Conversations
Kids need to hear a language in order to learn it. Everybody knows that. Read more
Translating Baby Talk
Baby talk is much more than silly babbling. Believe it or not this early form of communication is very important in developing your baby’s interaction skills. Read more

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