Video: When & How to Start Brushing Baby Teeth
As your baby grows, his mouth will slowly change from a gummy smile to one filled with baby teeth. Although these teeth are small, they are important as they reserve a spot for the adult teeth. It is crucial that you care for your baby’s teeth and keep them... Read more
Should You Save Baby Teeth for Stem Cells?
CLAIM: Stem cells can be harvested from baby teeth, so it’s a good idea to preserve them in private stem cell banks for future use in medical treatments. MIXTURE WHAT’S TRUE: Research shows that stem cells can be harvested from baby teeth and have potential dental and medical uses... Read more
Natal Teeth: Babies Born with Teeth
Sounds like a horror movie, but it’s not that serious, some babies are born with teeth.  Many years ago , such babies were said to be demons and brutally killed , but not anymore. Thank God for science. Read more

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