Tips on helping babies get through teething
Teething is no fun for babies and no fun either for parents trying to give some relief to their uncomfortable infant. However, there are some things you can do to help get your child through it. When your baby is teething or getting their first set of teeth he... Read more
Video: When & How to Start Brushing Baby Teeth
As your baby grows, his mouth will slowly change from a gummy smile to one filled with baby teeth. Although these teeth are small, they are important as they reserve a spot for the adult teeth. It is crucial that you care for your baby’s teeth and keep them... Read more
Should You Save Baby Teeth for Stem Cells?
CLAIM: Stem cells can be harvested from baby teeth, so it’s a good idea to preserve them in private stem cell banks for future use in medical treatments. MIXTURE WHAT’S TRUE: Research shows that stem cells can be harvested from baby teeth and have potential dental and medical uses... Read more
Natal Teeth: Babies Born with Teeth
Sounds like a horror movie, but it’s not that serious, some babies are born with teeth.  Many years ago , such babies were said to be demons and brutally killed , but not anymore. Thank God for science. Read more

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