Barack & Michelle Obama Talk About The Olympics Because Even They Can’t Get Enough Team USA
Two people that you can count on to tune into the Rio Olympic Games are none other than Pres. Obama and the First Lady. They took to Facebook Monday night to talk about the Games and quiz each other on their personal favorites of Olympics past. Read more
FALSE: Obama Declares His Family Will Move to Canada If Trump Is Elected
A fake news story reporting that President Obama stated he was considering moving to Canada if Donald Trump were elected was aggregated by at least one non-satire publication. Read more
Obama gets golf rematch with NBA’s Steph Curry
It’s a rematch. President Obama hit the links on Monday with NBA star Stephen Curry and his father, Dell Curry, at the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Mass. Read more
President Obama Talks Black Hair and the Pressures His Daughters Feel to Look a Certain Way
In the latest news story proving that hair isn’t always some superficial topic, even the president of the United States just acknowledged that the pressure women feel surrounding their hairstyles can be real. Read more
Obama settles into vacation mode with game of golf
President Barack Obama said he needs some help with his sand shots as he opened up about his golf game. Read more
Michelle Obama has definitely been one of the coolest First Ladies that this country has seen, and we’re certainly going to feel her lack of presence when Barack Obama’s term is up this year. Read more
Rio 2016: President Obama, Michelle Obama wish Team USA good luck (Video)
Friday evening, athletes from across the world will be center stage in Rio as the 2016 Summer Olympics will officially began with the Opening Ceremonies (this despite two days of actually activity already having been played, include the USA Women’s Soccer team getting their first win of the games). Read more
Joe Biden Gave President Obama The Best Present For His Birthday
Like any good bestie, Vice President Joe Biden knew he had to do something special for his pal President Barack Obama on the occasion of his 55th birthday. And it would have to make a social media splash, too — because are you really #BFFL if all the world... Read more
55 pictures of President Obama discovering his inner child for his 55th birthday
Happy birthday, President Obama! The 44th president turns 55 Thursday — his final birthday in office. He’s a Leo, and, incidentally, Leos are ambitious, magnetic, and love being center stage — which sound like qualifications for the nation’s top job. Read more
Michelle Obama’s Message To Barack On His 55th Birthday
It’s President Barrack Obama’s 55th birthday and his lovely wife Michelle had this to say about him. See her tweet below… Read more

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