Obama: ‘When my girls think I’m boring, that brings me down to earth’
Birthdays are often cause for intimations of mortality. Barack Obama, who turns 55 on Thursday – his last birthday in the White House – is no different. Read more
Video: Four-year-old girl bursts into floods of tears when she is told the President is leaving office
The majority of Americans learn from an early age that their presidents are constitutionally limited to serve two terms. Read more
PHOTOS: Obama Works His Magic On Crying Baby In Japan
Tell us your baby-calming secrets, Mr. President. While en route to his historic visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on Friday, President Barack Obama made a stop at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan. After his speech, the president made the rounds greeting those who attended. Read more
Obama goes after Trump: ‘I’m tired of folks trash-talking America’s military’
President Obama told disabled veterans Monday that he’s disgusted with criticism of the nation’s military and rhetoric against Gold Star families — training his fire on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Read more
President Obama Melts Our Hearts With Quotes on Fatherhood
Barack Obama may be the President of the United States for just a little longer, but for Sasha and Malia Obama, he’s just Dad. The President has been very open about fatherhood over the years in speeches and interviews, from sharing personal stories about raising his two daughters to... Read more
44 iconic pictures of Obama’s first 100 days in office
On November 4, 2008, more than 69.4 million Americans voted for then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) to become the 44th president of the United States — and the first African-American to hold the position. Read more
Say What? Trump Says There’s ‘Something I Like’ About Obama
Fans and critics can agree on one thing about Donald Trump — you never know what he’ll say next. Read more
22 Cute Photos Of President Obama And Michelle Obama With Kids That Will Blow Your Mind
Here’s one demographic with which President Obama seems to not have much trouble: children. White House photographer Pete Souza regularly captures Obama playing with small visitors, saying: “Some are serious and some are humorous. And of course, some are with babies (since the President loves babies).” Read more
Swoon: Here’s How President Obama Describes Michelle’s Body
Barack Obama’s feelings about his wife, Michelle, have been well-documented in photos and prose, but his recent interview with ballerina Misty Copeland for Time magazine was so full of praise for his wife, we’re kinda blushing after reading it. Read more
From the Mothers of the Movement to Michelle Obama’s speech, relive the 10 most memorable moments from the DNC
Hillary Clinton closed the 2016 Democratic National Convention with her speech accepting the party’s presidential nomination on Thursday evening, capping a historic week in Philadelphia. Look back on the most memorable moments from the DNC below: Read more

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