If you hadn’t noticed, Michelle and Barack rate Hip Hop. Making a break from bygone Presidents (Ronald Reagan we seez ya), the Obamas hold many in the rap community in high regard, and have received appreciative bars in return. Read more
Reddit asked Obama and Trump the same question. You should see their answers side by side.
Never before has there been a clearer example of the huge rift between Donald Trump and President Barack Obama than this one tweet: Read more
Trump Jr.: Obama Plagiarized A Line From My RNC Speech!
Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday accused President Obama from lifting a line from his speech at the Republican convention. Read more
The 10 Best Quotes From President Barack Obama’s Historic Speech at the DNC
President Barack Obama closed out the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday with a rousing and incredible speech that recalled all of the greatest elements of his first presidential campaign in 2008. Read more
President Obama Lets Slip: I Quit Smoking Because ‘I’m Scared of My Wife’
He’s the leader of the Free World and seemingly fearless in the face of peril. Yet much like millions of other men around the world, there is one thing President Barack Obama admits terrifies him: his wife’s wrath. Read more
Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau Hung Out with a Baby In White House
I’m just sorry that this little citizen has peaked so young. Barack and Michelle Obama welcomed Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau into their white home, in an effort to strengthen their already mighty relationship, which probably largely involves chatting on the phone during Raptors-Bulls games... Read more
Photos: All The Times President Obama Lost His Chill Around Kids
This Halloween, President Obama totally lost it when he met this little kid dressed up as the pope at the White House. Read more
Beautiful Malia and Sasha Obama: 11 Candid Moments in Pictures

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