Meet the world’s BIGGEST and HEAVIEST babies ever born—they sure are a handful!
The heaviest baby on record was a boy weighing 22 pounds (9.98 kg), born in Ohio in 1879, who sadly lived for only 11 hours. Today, many babies are born big, bouncing and heavier than the normal expected weight, all over the world, and here are a few! 1. Baby born... Read more
Mother, 23, gives birth to a whopping 12lb 7oz baby boy who is TWICE the size of most newborns – and is one of Britain’s biggest infants to be born naturally
A proud mother has described the eye-watering moment she gave birth to one of Britain’s biggest babies to be born naturally. Rory was born weighing a staggering 12lb 7oz, twice the size of most newborns. His mother Charlotte Hawthorn, 23, and father Mathew Williams, 26, had no idea their... Read more
  A Perth woman has given birth to a 13.2 pound (5.9kg) baby at Joondalup Health Campus. He’s believed to be one of the biggest ever born in WA Read more

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