If you don’t want your kids to be ill-mannered, you have to stop making these 5 errors
Something that happens to almost every parent are children having temper tantrums and misbehaving, without them even recognizing the issue. Luckily, for you, here, we’re going to present you 5 errors that every parent makes and should stop making them right now! If you don’t react to these little... Read more
Photos: Boy fills stadium with 10,500 teddy bears in honour of 15yr old disabled friend who died
A 14 year old boy, Aidan Jackson, from Widnes has filled a sports stadium with 10,500 teddy bears in honour of his 15-year-old disabled friend who died. Read more
Blind Faith: Babies Born Blind
Tears filled my eyes when I heard this story “My mother and the rest of my family tried as much as possible to keep it from me, but I knew there was something different. We could be having dinner and my brother would just chuckle, I was only 5... Read more

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