8-year-old boy celebrating after beating stage 4 brain cancer
The marvellous capabilities of modern science never cease to amaze me. Read more
Woman pregnant with twins battles leukemia – pleads to public as doctors stand paralyzed
A California woman just two weeks from giving birth to twins is begging for help as she fights for her very life. Read more
Why Baby Leena Paj-dia-sias Lo is Actively Dying
Leena Paj-dia-sias Lo was recently sent home on hospice care. Hospice nurses told her parents that she is actively dying. But her parents are never able to prepare themselves for what is about to happen. They will never be able to let her go. They don’t want to be... Read more
Lady recounts how God miraculously healed her of cancer, shares photos
A Nigerian lady and Instagram user, Yvonne Ebadan Ogbefua, has recounted how she was miraculously healed by God of Sacorma, a form of cancer that attacks the soft tissue which knocked her down. Read more
2 yrs after wife lost cancer battle, husband remarries—then, one day, he got a mysterious call
Two years after Brenda Schmitz passed away, a local radio station receives an anonymous letter and quickly calls the late lady’s husband to go to their station. The unexpected letter moves him and many others to tears. Read more
Before relying on testing for answers, you are already gifted with a natural testing machine: your body. Listening closely to your body can provide you with some helpful hints on spotting diseases, like cancer, that you might otherwise overlook. Signs to Look For Indirect Symptoms Wheezing/Shortness of Breath Lung... Read more
14 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again
According to a recent study carried out by the American Institute for Cancer, most cancers can be prevented. Even health experts agree that 60-70% of cancers are preventable through simple dietary and lifestyle changes. This article focuses on the foods that have repeatedly been linked to cancer. Staying away... Read more
Our little miracle! Baby girl battling leukaemia saved by ‘revolutionary’ cell treatment
A British baby is recovering after a world-first treatment for cancer. Read more

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