Grandma dangerously ‘dozes off’ at the wheel—but her 6-year-old grandchild knew what to do
This Florida grandmother seemed fine when she decided to take her grandchildren out for a meal. But not long after they left, the grandchildren noticed the car began to swerve oddly, and they looked over to see their grandmother “dozing off” behind the wheel. They knew they were in... Read more
Shocking! This woman gave birth in the car but something was very different about her baby!
Nature works in wonderful ways. Well, at least that’s what we can say for all the miracles surrounding us! Raelin Scurry too had a similar experience when she was pregnant with her second child. Mid labour she realized that it might be too late to save the baby but destiny... Read more
Parents charged after baby left in hot car outside Markham Costco
Parents of an infant have been charged after officers rescued a baby trapped in a hot car for around 45 minutes at a Costco parking lot in Markham, York Regional Police said. Read more

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