“I Almost Died After Childbirth” – Serena Williams Reveals
She said she she needed an emergency C-section and that she had multiple surgeries after giving birth to daughter, Alexis Olympia. Read more
Why Babies Should Not Be Bathed Immediately After Delivery
I remember when I first gave birth to my baby, I delivered in an hospital abroad and after my baby was born, he was placed on my chest for the skin to skin contact. While we were doing that the nurse asked me if I wanted my baby bathed... Read more
A new mom’s priceless reaction to having a baby boy when she expected a girl is going viral
Many soon-to-be parents come up with creative ways to announce their pregnancy and reveal the gender of their babies long before they’ve given birth. New parents Dara and Eric Crouch waited right up until their baby’s arrival to find out the gender. When mom, Dara, learned she had given... Read more
Rare images of childbirth reveal incredible things that happen to a baby’s head during childbirth
Maternity, birth and newborn photographer Kayla Reeder has seen her fair share of births. But there are some stories that still move her to share them with the public. This year, on Valentine’s Day, the Florida-based photographer was called to one of those stories. Kayla was asked to document... Read more
Wow – Incredible Videos Of Baby ‘Popping Out’ During Caesarean, Every Woman Needs To See This
Every birth is a miracle and there is something totally amazing about seeing a baby come into the world, whether it be vaginally or via caesarean section. But these videos of babies being born via gentle caesareans will blow you away. One clip posted on Instagram by a fertility doctor in Venezuela shows... Read more
Viral Photo Of Baby Born Holding An IUD Birth Control In His Hands Is Finally Explained
It’s a photo that’s going viral on social media: a newborn baby holding an IUD, or intrauterine device, used to prevent pregnancy, in his hand. Doctor’s say the healthy 9-lb. baby boy was born against all odds. Little Dexter Tyler was barely a week old and the picture of... Read more
You Won’t Believe What This 34 Year Old Mother Said After Her First C-Section
There are numerous reasons why a woman may choose to have a cesarean section, some which may include Having an obstruction, such as a large fibroid, that would make a vaginal delivery difficult or impossible. The baby has a known malformation or abnormality that would make a vaginal birth... Read more
See How To Have An Easier And Shorter Labor With These 10 Tips. No 5 Is Very Important!
When you’re reaching the end of pregnancy, it’s normal to wonder what labor will be like and how you will manage to give birth. This is especially true for first-time mothers. But even women who have given birth before question if labor will be shorter or easier than previous... Read more
Mom reveals how she gave birth without making a sound while her husband drove on the high way
 A new Zealand woman has revealed how she gave birth to her baby without making a sound while her husband drove on the high way. The new mother, Ellen Keene delivered her baby, Esme in the front seat of the car while her husband was on the wheels. According... Read more
14 Things That Will Happen To Your Baby Immediately After Birth
Caring for your baby doesn’t stop at the formative months while in your womb. There is much more to do when it comes to postnatal baby care. Even before you can think of feeding and bathing your newborn to diapering and bathing, there are many more things you shouldn’t... Read more

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