A court in Germany on Thursday sentenced a woman to three years in prison for attempting to poison herself and her two daughters when she became despondent about her life. “We don’t take this step lightly, but we have to stick to the law. What you did was attempted... Read more
The parents of eight babies found dead in a house in southern Germany went on trial in Coburg on Tuesday with the mother charged with murdering four of them and the father of aiding and abetting her crimes. The infant bodies were discovered, wrapped up in towels and plastic... Read more
First Lady, Melania Trump Unveils Official Platform for First Time, “Be Best”, Which Will Focus on Children
The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump announces her “Be Best” children’s initiative in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC, on May 7, 2018. This platform is going to focus on the welfare of children. Read more
Mother Sentenced For Abducting Her Own Baby From Hospital
What could make a mother team up with friends to abduct her own child from a hospital? well this was what Judge Lance Rowe had to listen to when this case was brought to him. A Palmerston North mother was emotional and panicked the night she took part in a plot to... Read more
Psoriasis in Children: Symptoms, Treatments & Support
Psoriasis in the most basic sense is a patch of overgrowth of rapidly reproducing skin cells. There is a genetic and an immune system component to psoriasis, with a child being much more likely to have psoriasis if another close relative also has it. But, it is important to... Read more
7 Bible Verses That Remind Us That Babies Are Beautiful Gifts From God
Babies are living proof of preciousness of life and the fragility of the young. They are beautiful gifts from God. When we see a baby it can instantly put a SMILE on our faces. Read more
Who’s The Nanny???
When I was in nursery school, we had a maid. And then there was a relative about the same age with the maid too. They were older and helped around with the chores. My mum made me believe they both were my sisters, so I rolled with it. Read more
Overcoming Disability
Parents with a disability face many additional challenges, and depending on the nature of the disability, it can make everyday tasks much more difficult. Read more
African Proverbs: For Moms And Moms-To-Be
Africans live on proverbs. There is a proverb for everything and every situation. They are said to be wise words from the gray haired, and truth be told, sometimes difficult to relate with. Here are some for the expectant moms Read more
Cartoons? Not Good Enough!
A Child expert claimed that TV can fry a child’s brain, yes she used the term “fry their brains”, and that they are better off playing outside, engaging in games such as jigsaw puzzles and in arts and crafts. The television has once been referred to as the” idiot... Read more

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