Parents Decided To Separate Their Conjoined Twins. After The Operation Was Over They Couldn’t Say A Word
The conjoined twins are a rare phenomenon. Doctors still cannot give a simple explanation why it happens. Sometimes the operation isn’t possible, and conjoined twins stay together forever. In some cases, the operation is less dangerous, and twins can enjoy the full life separately. Misty and Curtis Oglesby had... Read more
You Need To Rethink Your Opinion On Having A ‘Natural’ C-section It May Be Better For Baby And Mom
This technique, which mimics normal birth by allowing the baby to emerge slowly at its own pace, without being pulled straight out by a doctor is increasingly advocated for by Childbirth experts The approach, which is also known as a “gentle” C-section, involves mothers watching as their baby is born through... Read more
Photos: Conjoined Nigerian twins successfully separated at U.S. hospital
Conjoined twins from Nigeria, baby Miracle and Testimony Ayeni have been successfully separated after a complex operation at a Tennessee hospital days before their first birthday. Miracle and Testimony Ayeni were separated during 18 hours of surgery that began on November 7 and ended on November 8th at Le Bonheur... Read more
Formerly Conjoined Twins Josie Hull and Teresa Cajas celebrate 15th birthday
Formerly conjoined twins Josie Hull and Teresa Cajas celebrated their fifteenth birthday in style. The two girls celebrated their day at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on Thursday. Read more
Rare conjoined twins born with separate brains, Sion doctors say both currently stable
In a rare birth, a set of conjoined boys born to a Mumbai couple at Sion hospital has separate brains, but shares all other vital organs. Doctors are now conducting tests to understand which limb is controlled by which brain before they proceed to separate the twins. Read more
Conjoined Twins Want To Stay Together, Their Inspiring Story Is So Powerful!
These 7-year-old twin have a bond like no other. Literally.  But what’s astounding is the way they love each other and want to be together.  Most conjoined twins stories end in a celebration of separation.  Not this one. Read more
20-year-old woman who was unaware she was pregnant gives birth to conjoined twins
A 20-year-old Vietnamese woman gave birth to a pair of twins joined at the torso on Wednesday, July 13. Phan Thi Chay, who is from a poor ethnic Dao family in in the northern mountain province of Ha Giang, was not aware she was pregnant until she was admitted... Read more
Conjoined Twin Girls Who Share A Skull But Not A Brain, Await Operation In Indonesia
Twin girls who were born as triplets but are joined at the head and share a skull may soon be separated in a life-changing operation. Read more

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