These Twins Were Conjoined at the Heart, But See What They Look Like a Year After Their Separation Surgery!
Say hello to Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith. These two little girls were born conjoined and have faced many obstacles to get where they are today. via: Diply But now they’re thriving thanks to some truly impressive medical work and the faith of their parents, Eric and Elysse. Check... Read more
Conjoined twins delivered in hospital in Jos, Nigeria. (graphic photos)
A set of conjoined twins were delivered in Plateau state specialist hospital, Jos, Plateau  state yesterday morning 2nd December at 28weeks gestation. They were joined at the thorax and abdomen but with one pair of upper and lower limbs (Dicephalic twins) and weighed 1.4kg. Unfortunately, they didn’t survive. See... Read more
Pictured: Conjoined twins see each other for the first time after miracle surgery to separate heads
This is the astonishing moment a pair of conjoined twins saw each other for the very first time after they endured a mammoth 27-hour operation to separate their heads, Jadon and Anias McDonald have not been able to see each other for 13 months after they were born joined... Read more

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