Midwife Vs Ob-Gyn
As a young child, whenever I heard midwife I thought “woman in the village who can’t even speak English always ready to yell PUSH!” as displayed in Epic Nigerian movies. You can’t judge me, I was a child and I was wrong. Read more
Midwife or doctor: Which is better for delivery?
In modern countries, most women automatically opt for a gynecologist to deliver their babies. But did you know that there is a growing movement for midwifery? Midwives in modern countries can run prenatal classes, coach mums-to-be on their labour and deliver babies. They can either work with doctors in... Read more
Who Can Deliver A Baby?
There are many options to consider when it comes to who should deliver your baby. Here we discuss the various options and explore the benefits of having your gynaecologist in the delivery room. Read more

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