According to reports, a Washington-based doctor was jailed for causing the abortion of his ex-girlfriend’s foetus by slipping an abortion pill into her drink. The man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison after his ex-girlfriend asked for a lenient punishment. Reportedly, foetal suicide is punishable... Read more
An Aborted Baby Returns to Mother’s Womb 15 Years After.
In what looked like absolutely unusual, a woman from a small village near Nagpur, in Maharashtra in the northern part of India has shocked doctors as she was diagnosed of calcified fetus which has been in her womb for the past 15 years. Read more
Mom gives birth to ‘rare’ twins—then, doctor says this never happened in his 35-year career
Thousands of people around the world get together on New Year’s Eve to count down and welcome in the new year. Major cities usually have fireworks displays for people to watch and enjoy. For some people, it can be spent working, like police officers or hospital staff. Read more
Mom goes into labor for 40 hrs—she’s surprised when doctors tell to push again after delivery
This woman planned to give birth at home, but her waters broke early in the 36th week. She went to the hospital, and then went into labor for 40 hours. Just when she thought it was over, the doctors told her to keep on pushing. Read more
Mom thinks she’s carrying twins or triplets—but what doctors say leaves her utterly surprised
When a Utah mom had an ultrasound, she and her husband were surprised with what the doctors told them. The mom was pregnant with quintuplets. Using fertility drugs, the couple had been expecting twins or even triplets, but never quintuplets. It was the first set in the hospital, and everything... Read more

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