Melania and Barron Trump will not move into the White House immediately
US President elect Donald Trump will move into the White House after his inauguration on January 20 2017, without his wife, Melania and his youngest son, Barron Trump. Melania and Barron are set to continue living in Trump Tower until Barron finishes the school year in June at Columbia... Read more
Barron Trump is getting more media exposure as his father, Donald Trump, has won the United States Presidential election. Donald Trump is often posing with his entire family on-stage since the GOP debates and 9-year-old Barron is right there supporting his father. With each of Barron’s public appearances, he intrigues the... Read more
Mother sends her young son packing for voting for Donald Trump in school (Video)
A Texas mother sent her young son packing out of their home for voting for Donald Trump in a mock election at his school. The shocking video which emerged on Friday, shows the mother giving her son all his belongings in a suitcase, before telling him ‘Since you voted... Read more
Woman gives birth to twins and names them Donald and Trump
A woman from South Carolina who made headlines when she gave birth to twin boys at Grand Strand Medical Center and named them Donald and Trump says she has no regrets for giving them those names. The proud mum said: “We weren’t planning on naming them after Donald Trump at first, but... Read more
In a Curious Twist, Donald Trump Says He’s Sorry
Perhaps realizing that the constant stream of outlandish, rude and inflammatory drivel that flows from his mouth is not a good look, Donald Trump apologized for some – all, probably? – of his past remarks that “may have caused personal pain.” Read more
Say What? Trump Says There’s ‘Something I Like’ About Obama
Fans and critics can agree on one thing about Donald Trump — you never know what he’ll say next. Read more
Reddit asked Obama and Trump the same question. You should see their answers side by side.
Never before has there been a clearer example of the huge rift between Donald Trump and President Barack Obama than this one tweet: Read more
‘The parasite is slowly taking over the host’: Some Republicans flee Trump, back Clinton
Inside one of the big white media tents that dot the landscape around the site of the Democratic National Convention, Ricardo Reyes is making a pitch for Hillary Clinton.  Read more
Michelle Obama: Who Do You Want As Your Children’s Role Model?
PHILADELPHIA ― First lady Michelle Obama on Monday asked Americans to decide who they want serving as a role model for their children ― Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. This election, Obama said during her speech at the Democratic National Convention, “is about who will have the power to shape... Read more
Michelle Obama may be the only person on Earth that Donald Trump won’t attack. But why?
Last week, we found out that Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump,is apparently a fan of Michelle Obama’s. In explaining her inadvertent plagiarizing of the first lady’s 2008 convention speech, Melania Trump’s speechwriter said, “A person she has always liked is Michelle Obama.” Read more

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