Women See The 5 Ways to Reduce Heartburn During Pregnancy

It was heartburn that got me in the end. I could take the swelling, the back pain, the constant trips to the bathroom, the itchy skin, the fatigue, the sweating, the sleeplessness and even the psychological shock of seeing the scale tip 200 pounds. But the constant, searing pain of…

C-section Moms Go Through Hell! And Here Is Why We Should Stop Judging

When my first child was born, I wasn’t given the opportunity to give birth to him by myself. I delivered through c-section.I was cut up and he was pulled out of me, and I agree that, that wasn’t how nature had intended it to happen. But what can I say?…

Must Read: How To Treat Infertility In Women

According to latest research published in scientific journal Fertility and Sterility, the principal investigator Elizabeth Hervey Stephen (1) suggested that by year 2025, almost 5.4-7.7 million women will experience primary or secondary fertility. The expected rise in the rate of infertility is indicated because of the unhealthy lifestyle habits and…

Their Newborn Was Covered With Hundreds Of Birthmarks, But Look At Her 20 Years Later…
“Everyone is born to look different, and we should all feel beautiful in our own skin.” A teenage girl shares this great thought with us. Ciera Swaringen is a 20-year-old girl who lives in Rockwell, North Carolina. She was born with hundreds of oversized mole-like birthmarks covering her entire body. It... Read more
2-Year-Old Girl Left With Dead Toddler For 3 Days Because Mom Had Something More Important To Do
When you are a parent the most important job you have is taking care of your children. You feed them, give them baths, put clothes on their backs, and make sure they are safe. Most intelligent people know that a child will need to eat food several times a... Read more
18 Cool Things for Kids That Will Make The Life Of Any Parent A Lot Easier
Having children is fun and difficult at the same time. Some of the many parents out there are designers and inventors, and this can lead to the appearance of some truly wonderful gadgets that our parents and grandparents could never have dreamed of. Here are selection of some of the coolest things that are guaranteed to make the... Read more
Take a Look at Your Navel! If You Have One of These Shapes You Might Want to Read THIS!
There are many little things and signs your body sends when it comes to diseases. It is important to recognize these signs because they are symptoms of some diseases and can save your life. This article will teach you how your navel shape can reveal if certain organs in... Read more
A common health disorder in women is loose vªg!ñå that can affect the intimate relationships between couples. A tight vªg!ñå is very important for a woman because it is advantageous both, sexually and otherwise. In order to dispose of this issue and to tighten your vªg!ñå muscles quick there... Read more
Here Are 4 Important Things About Sperm That Every Woman and Man Should Know
A lady’s vªg!ñå is a to a great degree delicate place and is entirely defenseless to diseases. Be that as it may, in the event that you what to keep it clean, specialists propose you avoid from utilizing soap to wash the region. This is on account of cleanser... Read more
Shocking Video of Dad Mercilessly Beating His 1 year Old Child
They definitely need to take that child away from the home. Looked like it was the mother who was filming the vicious beating. The man, who isn’t worthy to be called a father, considering the child’s age, picked up the little girl and beat her mercilessly with a belt.... Read more
One Twin Dies During Childbirth, Then Dad Looks At Mom’s Chest And Sees The UNTHINKABLE
Kate and David Ogg couldn’t wait to start a family, and though they struggled to get pregnant, they persevered. So, you can imagine their sheer happiness when they finally learned Kate was pregnant with not one, but two babies. It was twins! One boy and one girl, Jamie and... Read more
Here Are 4 Important Things About Sperm That Every Woman and Man Should Know
1. Sperm is not without calories: Eja..culation liquid is composed mostly of fructose and enzymes. One cup of seeds is about five calories. It can be compared with one olive. 2. Sperm is not the longest-running body fluid: Spermatozoa are not as resistant to bacteria and other germs. They die quickly... Read more
Singing to babies boosts their attention, creates better mother-child bond
Mothers singing to babies is an old practice across cultures and traditions. Now an American research finds it is actually an important way to stimulate children and help create better bonds between them and mothers. Shannon de l’Etoile, professor of music therapy and associate dean of Graduate Studies at... Read more

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