Woman dies giving birth—then doctor notices something & she’s immediately rushed to surgery
Nothing was out of the ordinary when Melanie Pritchard went into labor with her second child, but then something went awry, and she was pronounced clinically dead. But just when it seemed all was lost, her brother, a doctor, saw something that changed the outcome. Read more
Just 20 days after giving birth she became fully paralyzed. But she was determined to hug her child again
At 26 years of age, just about three weeks after delivery, this woman suddenly became paralyzed and was unable to care for her newborn child. But luck chose to be on her side and she made one of the most incredible medical recoveries, driven by the love for her... Read more
A Woman Giving Birth to a Baby Naturally (Video)
Everyone knows that a woman giving birth to a baby naturally is probably experiencing the worst pain of her life. Although this can happen in unprepared situations before a pregnant lady reaches the hospital to give birth under medical care, some women choose to deliver their babies naturally, without... Read more
Wanted To Have A Baby Boy Or A Baby Girl? These Steps Will Help You Out!
Dr. Shettles is known as the father of in Vitro fertilization, he is also known as the fertility master because of his knowledge, research  and the powerful book ‘How to Choose the Gender of Your Infant’. His advices and tips on how to get the gender of the child that... Read more
Seizures and Epilepsy in Children With Remedy
Seizures are sudden events that cause temporary changes in physical movement, sensation, behavior or consciousness. They are caused by abnormal electrical and chemical changes in the brain. Read more
Can He Truly Share The Pain?
besides, his presence can neither alleviate the pain nor aid the expulsion, so what’s the point?”  The words of a woman expectant of her second baby, she had her first with her husband in the labor room giving her support. Read more
Giving Birth: Pushing for First-Time Moms
The expulsion of a first baby from a woman’s body is a space in time for much mischief and mishap to occur. It is also a space in time where her obstetrical future often gets decided and where she can be well served by a patient, rested midwife. Why... Read more

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