Mother-of-five killed in car crash after her boyfriend cut her brake lines to make crack pipe
A  38-year-old mother-of-five died in a car crash caused by faulty brakes and police have now revealed that the woman’s brake lines was cut by her boyfriend to make metal pipes for smoking his cocaine. Read more
Heartbreaking tribute to my late wife
Dear Men, We don’t realize how blessed we are to have a woman in our lives. I just lost my wife today, she died while giving birth to our first child so I decided to pay this tribute to every woman Read more
Brazilian woman is forced to do the unthinkable by a man who her husband owes money and it was livestreamed (+18)
A viral video which shows a woman being forced to perform sexual acts on a man has reportedly left Brazilians outraged. Read more
Husband hires hitmen to get wife murdered. He’s petrified when ‘someone’ shows up at funeral
he husband of this African-born Australian woman thought she had been murdered, for he had planned it! Little did he expect she would give him the shock of a lifetime by showing up (alive and well) at her own funeral! Read more

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