AMAZING! Woman Gives Birth to Identical Triplets
A mother in the United States has beaten the odds of 200 million to 1 by giving birth to identical triplets. The triplets, 3 brothers – Roman, Rocco and Rohan Tierney – were conceived and born naturally. Becki-Jo was nine weeks pregnant when she found out she was expecting... Read more
They Couldn’t Tell Their Triplets Apart, So They Did THIS. I Love it!!!
#1 Triplets Trouble! Karen Gilbert was astounded when an ultrasound showed that she was pregnant with triplets. She was told that they were conceived naturally from a single egg, with odds of 1 in 200 million! #2 A Huge Risk In the beginning, doctors recommended that Karen consider having... Read more
Photos: 19-Year-Old Parents Welcome Rare Identical Triplets
Doctors put the odds of conceiving identical triplets at one in a million — which makes Amber Hills and Logan Brown-Fletcher very special. The mom and dad — both 19 — from Newberg, Oregon, welcomed their three daughters, Raelyn, Avery and Elaina, on Monday, August 1. Read more

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