She Seems Like An Average Little Girl, But Take A Closer Look At Her Abdomen
When it comes to protecting our hearts, our bodies are pretty amazing. It’s what keeps the blood pumping through our veins, so we have this amazing protective shield called the rib cage to keep our hearts safe. It’s basic anatomy that we take for granted because most of us... Read more
Baby born during yesterday’s #SolarEclipse2017 in the US has been named ‘Eclipse’
During the solar eclipse that enveloped parts of America yesterday, a new baby was born.  So naturally, her parents named her Eclipse.   Litttle Eclipse was born on Monday at 8:04 a.m. in South Carolina, one of the cities in the path of the eclipse. According to the Greenville Health... Read more
Baby boys with oversized heads due to rare genetic deformity, find a new mom in a loving nurse!
Two 8-pound twins, born with heads larger than their bodies, caught the eye of this kindhearted nurse the moment she laid eyes on them. She willingly took on the role of foster mother to them, and has been showering them with dedicated care since 2014! Baby twins Matthew and... Read more
Ten-year-old boy born without arms is determined to conquer the world with his “magical feet” and has refused to give in to his physical disabilities. Ha Van Tai, who lives in the small village of Kim Dau in Cam Lo District, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam, was born with neither... Read more
Unborn baby grabs doctor’s finger in ‘earliest human interaction ever recorded’
n unborn baby was diagnosed with a severe birth defect, and doctors suggested an operation while the baby was still in the womb. Nearing the end of the surgery, a tiny hand stuck out and grasped the doctor’s finger, stunning everyone. In 1999, Samuel Armas was 21 weeks old in... Read more
Awesome Dad Builds Son A Hand With 3D Printer, Now Makes Them For Other Kids For Free
When Michael Campos’s 4 year old son asked him to “build me a hand,” his awesome dad instincts kicked in and he got to work. Michael’s son, Carter, was born without a right hand, something they knew right from the 12-week ultrasound. Although Carter got by just fine —... Read more
“Marriage Is 100/100, For 19years I’ve Always Cleaned The Kitchen After My Wife Cooks, I Am training My Son To Do The Same” – U.S Dad
This US Based father has just revealed that he always and his son always cleans the kitchen after his wife cooks, because marriage is 100/100, the tweets have now gone viral and have over 5,000 retweets, see some of his tweets below; Marriage is for real men, not real... Read more
Photos: Nigerian Woman Who Had Her Womb Removed To Save Her Life, Delivers A Baby Boy In Akwa Ibom
Only if you know how powerful God is! A Nigerian woman whose womb was removed to save her life has defied all odds to get pregnant and deliver a bouncing baby boy in Akwa Ibom. As shared by Pearl Clement on Facebook, she wrote; BIG BANG TESTIMONY With Pastor... Read more
Toddler lost all her limbs to meningitis, but this LITTLE MIRACLE can do everything
The loving smile of this brave toddler, who lost all her limbs to meningitis has captivated the hearts of thousands! She may not have limbs, but just see how much she can do! Three-year-old Harmonie-Rose Allen is a lovely and brave toddler. One day, this lovely lass from Bath... Read more
When they saw this street kid in the RAIN with no clothes, these young guys did something amazing!
Would you stop to help a child wandering on the street with no clothes on? It’s sad that not everyone would do so, as many people have become desensitized by seemingly endless amounts of poverty and injustice in the world. Yet, here is one young man who did do... Read more

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