Ellen makes Steve Harvey LOSE IT when she goes off-script with the children they’re interviewing.
Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey are wonderful people in their own right. Both use their platform to help others and advocate for those without a voice… but to our delight in the video below they each get a big ol’ taste of humble pie (not that they needed it.)... Read more
Facing Difficulties In Life? These 11 Kids Will Give You The Much-Needed Courage
Children are a blessing to all of us. They are the ones who make this world a happier place bringing in joy and colors in the life of everyone. Do practice this once- smile at any child, and s/he will smile back at you. This gesture will make your day... Read more
Little girl says a boy proposed to her. Then dad finds diamond ring in her backpack
Childhood sweethearts will always have a special place in a person’s memories, but one little girl and her parents will certainly remember one special occasion that recently occurred when a little boy presented a girl with his own mother’s diamond ring! In a video below, a young girl and... Read more
6 Food Myths That Are Making Kids Fat
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity rates in children are twice what they were 30 years ago. Many parents are unsure why their children are seemingly unable to stop gaining weight. As a childhood obesity expert and Medical Director of Gramercy Pediatrics, I know several common... Read more
How To Stop Fingernail Biting In Kids
Nail biting is a very common habit in kids, and it can be a very annoying one for parents. Not only does biting the nails expose your child to unnecessary germs, it is also a habit that can really wear on parents nerves, but the most common question is... Read more
This Hilarious Video of Parenting Expectations vs. Reality Will Remind You to Embrace the Chaos
Way before your first pregnancy test shows two pink lines, you’ll likely have an idea of how you’re going to raise your child, what their personality is going to be like, and what you’re going to do for them — like make organic baby food from scratch — no... Read more
Mixed Reactions As Fashion Company Employs Kids To Walk On Runway In Bikinis. (Photos)
While many are seeing absolutely nothing wrong with it, others are outrageous with the act. Read more
Baby desperately wants to put on dad’s boot, tries every angle possible!
In the video below, a baby really really wants to put on Dad’s boot.  Who can blame him?  We all want to be like Dad. Read more
21 Parents Share Their Funniest Moments Raising Kids
“Sorry I punched you in your vagina, Daddy.” Read more
20+ Babies Who Look Just Like Their Toy Dolls
Kids aren’t toys, but this lot seems to be doing it’s darndest to look like their toys. It’s not like these babies have to try hard, of course, since baby dolls were made to look like them. They look like twins! Read more

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