Mother Dropped Her Son Off At Day Care, Didn’t Realize She Would Never Hold Him Again
Leonardo Sanchez died on September 8, 2016 – just a week before his second birthday. This brilliant little life was prematurely cut short when he crawled beneath a beanbag chair at West Jordan Child Center in Utah. Leonardo suffocated when an employee sat on the chair for about 10-15... Read more
Baby Is Born Days After 24-Week Abortion Limit. 9 Months Later Doctors Can’t Believe Their Eyes
By just 24 weeks into her pregnancy, Victoria Bradley knew that her journey would be highly unconventional. It wasn’t until her visit to the hospital that she learned her pregnancy could possibly be devastating if her daughter was born too early. Victoria soon gave birth to her tiny girl,... Read more
4-Year-Old Doesn’t Like To Be Called A Princess, Has A Hilarious Reason Why
Joanna in one adorable and cute four-year-old girl. Dressed in a beautiful gown, it’s easy to think Joanna looks like a beautiful princess, but don’t make the mistake of calling her one. This little girl does not like to be called a princess, and she is quick to let... Read more
Brave Mum Is Carrying Terminally Ill Baby To Full-Term So She Can Donate Organs
A selfless mother is carrying her terminally ill baby to full-term so that she can donate the little girl’s organs to save others. A few months back Keri and Royce Young found out they were expecting their second child and were over the moon to learn that they were... Read more
Mother shares heart breaking image of her son who is battling cancer (Photos)
A woman shared a photo of her son who is suffering from cancer, letting us see the real face of the disease, and it’s really disturbing to know that people, children included, have to deal with. Jessica Medinger, shared the image of her 10-year-old son, Drake, looking emaciated, to... Read more
Sad photo of baby as he dies in his mother’s arms one day after meningitis diagnosis
The moment 8-month-old Harry, who was diagnosed with meningitis B, died in his mother’s arms, was captured in a sad photo and shared online by the baby’s parents. Louise and John Done had just welcomed their child a few months back and were excitedly planning their wedding. The couple... Read more
Baby brought back to life by older sister blowing a raspberry on her belly in magical moment
An unresponsive baby was brought back to life by her older sister blowing a raspberry on her belly in what the family have described as a “magical moment”. Poppy Smith, now two, suffered hypoxic brain damage on her second birthday and doctors warned her parents that her chances of... Read more
Their Newborn Was Covered With Hundreds Of Birthmarks, But Look At Her 20 Years Later…
“Everyone is born to look different, and we should all feel beautiful in our own skin.” A teenage girl shares this great thought with us. Ciera Swaringen is a 20-year-old girl who lives in Rockwell, North Carolina. She was born with hundreds of oversized mole-like birthmarks covering her entire body. It... Read more
2-Year-Old Girl Left With Dead Toddler For 3 Days Because Mom Had Something More Important To Do
When you are a parent the most important job you have is taking care of your children. You feed them, give them baths, put clothes on their backs, and make sure they are safe. Most intelligent people know that a child will need to eat food several times a... Read more
Shocking Video of Dad Mercilessly Beating His 1 year Old Child
They definitely need to take that child away from the home. Looked like it was the mother who was filming the vicious beating. The man, who isn’t worthy to be called a father, considering the child’s age, picked up the little girl and beat her mercilessly with a belt.... Read more

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