Mum has heart attack as she visits prem baby in hospital
A 29-year-old mother is fighting for her life after giving birth to her premature baby just two weeks earlier. Read more
Mum starved her children until one died of heart attack
Nicole Finn, a 43-year-old evil mum adopted three kids before starving them so much that one collapsed and died of a heart attack on the bathroom floor in their home. Read more
Who’s The Nanny???
When I was in nursery school, we had a maid. And then there was a relative about the same age with the maid too. They were older and helped around with the chores. My mum made me believe they both were my sisters, so I rolled with it. Read more
Babies In The Womb Respond To Their Mother’s Touch
Pregnant moms, go ahead and rub those bellies. It turns out, your baby likes it! Past research has shown that babies respond to voices and music heard in the womb, suggesting that even before they are born our babies are listening to every word we say and sing. But... Read more

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