Why Newborn Babies Smell So Delicious
Baby heads smell amazing. I should know — I’ve had three babies, and with each birth, I’ve found myself intoxicated by the warm funky scent of that downy newborn crown. It’s not just me, either; I’ve had friends, family members, even strangers ask to sniff my children’s heads. Read more
Birth photographer Bree has made it her mission to capture the special moments during and after childbirth Read more
Feed Your Baby To Be Freed: Oxytocin Secretion
  Oxytocin (a hormone that stimulates contractions during labor) is usually injected intramuscularly to aid the expulsion of the placenta after the baby comes out. That is if the mother is too weak to push. But here’s something else that works, BREASTFEEDING. Read more
Babies are beings not things
I do not give a flying frog, a monkey’s toes or a donkey’s hoo haa if the sex of my baby is known or unknown, if there is life and a heartbeat, I won’t have anyone refer to my unborn child as an “it”. Read more

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