Mom looks at newborn baby’s face and instantly knows it’s not hers – takes DNA test to prove it
Rich Cushworth and Mercy Casanalles fell deeply in love when they met at Christ for the Nations missionary school in Dallas. Read more
Baby born weighing just 400 grams is ‘one of the smallest ever to survive’
This tiny newborn weighing just 400 grams is thought to be one of the smallest babies ever to survive. Manushi was born 12 weeks prematurely after her mum started suffering from complications, and when she arrived her foot was the size of her dad’s thumbnail. Read more
Immediately after birth baby girl started kissing her mom, video went viral!
The existence of life is mysterious and at the same time amazingly blissful! The most beautiful aspect of creation is birth and motherhood. The bond between a child and mother forms the basis of every other human relationship. In a video gone viral, a baby girl born in Brazil... Read more

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