Photographer Takes Portraits Of Babies Seconds After Birth
These photos of newborn infants by photographer Christian Berthelot taken mere seconds after their C-section deliveries may be difficult for some of our readers to look at, but that’s the point. His “Cesar” photo series shows us a raw and unflinching image of childbirth, discarding the usual blankets and... Read more
Delaying Baby’s First Bath: 8 Reasons why doctors recommend waiting up to 48 hours before bathing a newborn
My newborn daughter was screaming during her first bath as I watched helplessly from my bed. She was only about an hour old.  I was trying to breastfeed her when the nurse took her from my arms, telling me that the baby had to be bathed before I was... Read more
Do You Know The Reasons Why Newborns Can’t See From Birth?
Newborn infants are not born with the complete visual abilities as an adult has. The vison of the infants for about 3 or 4 months is still not very clear for the baby to experience the whole new world. As time moves on, the young babies also learn well... Read more
My Baby Is Always Hungry!
One of the most common concerns I hear from parents is that they say their baby is always hungry. Read more

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