Nurse sneaks into patient’s room, seconds later camera catches her kind gesture
Sometimes it feels like papers, newstands and news reports are filled with all the terrible things happening all around the world. Everyday we wake only to be shocked at just how terrible people can be. Read more
Abortionist on trial for leaving half of baby’s skull inside mom during botched late-term abortion
DENVER, Colorado, January 23, 2018 (Operation Rescue) – On this forty-fifth memorial of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion in the U.S., this abortion horror story illustrates the human price of that tragic decision. Read more
Nurse does not know mom is watching her. But mom writes down everything she’s seen
After her 2-year-old girl was diagnosed with aggressive cancer, this mom stayed with her in the hospital almost every night. When she saw how the nurses tended their little patients, she just could not help but be moved, and she shared her feelings on a Facebook post, which immediately... Read more
Newborn baby crashes to the flood on his HEAD after careless nurse playfully swings his stroller around causing it to topple over at a care centre in China
WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT. A nurse has been criticised after she was filmed accidentally knocking a newborn baby to the ground on his head. Read more
See the powerful note from a nurse that changed this new mom’s life
Stepping on the scale is scary for anyone, but for new mom Mariah Kaitlyn Herrera that terrible feeling stole away her self-confidence and her self-love. On Aug. 28, however, one special nurse gave the scale a whole new meaning and saved the 24-year-old from her weigh-in depression. Read more
This Doctor mom was in labour herself when she chose to deliver another woman’s baby first!
Doctors are no less than superheroes! Dr Amanda Hess from Kentucky, America just proved that with a deed that is both unbelievable and heart warming. Dr Amanda was getting ready for her labour when she overheard nurses talking about a patient who was already in labour and the baby... Read more

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