10 times President Obama did pop culture right
 President Obama celebrates his 55th birthday Thursday, his last spent at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In light of the occasion and the nearing end of his presidential shelf life, we decided to look back on 10 times the forward-looking president fused politics with pop culture. Read more
In the Obama family, we have a class act
Whatever one’s politics, it’s safe to say that President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have been great role models for the last seven-and-a-half years. Only the racist or the hyperpartisan would probably say otherwise. Read more
President Obama in ‘Glamour’: It’s important Sasha and Malia’s dad is a feminist
President Obama wrote an essay on feminism for Glamour’s September issue, reiterating several points he’s made about feminism and equality of the sexes. The essay, which hit on his 55th birthday, provides a personal look at his experiences with the negative effects of gender stereotyping. Read more
Malia and Sasha are a vision in summer whites as they head to Martha’s Vineyard with mom and dad for their annual summer vacation in beautiful mansion
Malia and Sasha Obama prove their style icon statuses as they embark on a two-week family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. Read more
Obama’s most unusual legacy? Being a good dad.
Shortly before the 2004 Illinois Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate, which he was to win by a landslide, Barack Obama was riding high. Read more
36 Photos of Barack and Michelle Obama’s Cutest Moments as America’s First Couple
Barack and Michelle Obama first began dating back in 1989 — a film about their first date, Southside With You, will hit theaters in August — and we’ve gotten to see plenty of heartwarming moments between the first couple since they entered the White House nearly eight years ago. Read more
Inside the White House: Obama’s photographers get up close and personal
On the eve of New Year’s Eve, chief official White House photographer Pete Souza posted his favorite staff images of 2015 to the website Medium. There was his boss, President Barack Obama, with everyone from world leaders to tiny babies. There was Michelle Obama, sharing (semi) private moments with... Read more
How the Obamas Taught Us What Family Values Really Mean
I came of political age during an era of “family values.” I cast my first vote for president of the United States in 2004, the year so-called values voters helped pass laws banning same-sex marriage in 11 states. In the political language of the time, family values meant opposing... Read more
9 Times President Barack Obama Was Everyone’s Dad
Here’s the thing—President Barack Obama has been more than just the Leader of the Free World, he’s kinda been our father figure. Read more

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