10 Lovely Items That will Make This Easter Special for Your Baby

  In case you weren’t sure what to buy for your baby and were worried there was a chance your little one might be left out in the coming holidays well not to worry we have you covered. Here are ten item that will give your baby a wonderful Easter….

Terror By Night: Nightmare
Nightmares are common amongst children between the ages of three and six. Some of them have repetitive nightmares and some others have new episodes every time.  For those with new episodes, just comfort them whenever it occurs, let them know it is not real. It   would really help if... Read more
Bow Leg And Knock Knee (K Leg)
When a child has bow legs, their ankles touch, but their knees are wide apart – this is the opposite of knock knees. Many babies have bow legs at birth, and once they start crawling or walking, the condition may become more obvious. However, most children will go on... Read more
Does Your Baby Have The Hiccups?
The first time I saw a thread on a baby’s head, I thought it was a mistake and I went         “Ah, what’s the thread doing here now?” As I stretched my hand to take it off, baby’s mother stopped me like she would stop a mosquito out to attack... Read more
Now That He Crawls
The relief I felt when my brother finally started crawling, it was like more bliss for me than it was for him. I didn’t have to carry him up and about the whole place anymore. However, extra care should be given now your baby is crawling, so he doesn’t... Read more
Breastfeeding In Public
The law sets out the rights and responsibilities that parents have in relation to bringing up their children and provides you with information on your rights as a parent including breastfeeding in public or at work,  Read more
Preparing For School
I don’t remember but my mother said my first week of school was the most dramatic moment of my life , she said I’d  run after the car, with my tiny legs, screaming “mummy!!!” , well like I said , I don’t remember so .. Read more
Blind Faith: Babies Born Blind
Tears filled my eyes when I heard this story “My mother and the rest of my family tried as much as possible to keep it from me, but I knew there was something different. We could be having dinner and my brother would just chuckle, I was only 5... Read more
Beauty Is Pain: Not For Babies
Am I the only one who feels the chest pain when I see a baby crying on the top of her lungs because she is making hair (mostly Christmas hair). All that pain is really not necessary, the headache that comes from the pulling and the crying. Read more
Babies are beings not things
I do not give a flying frog, a monkey’s toes or a donkey’s hoo haa if the sex of my baby is known or unknown, if there is life and a heartbeat, I won’t have anyone refer to my unborn child as an “it”. Read more
Don’t You Just Like Surprises???
Whiles some women want to know the sex of their babies before they are born, so many others would rather not blow the surprise cover. Some claim that the anticipation level is altered once cover is blown. Read more

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