The 5 Most Common Things That Could Mess with Your Period This Season
Summer is a time for looser schedules, longer days, more time outdoors, and more frequent travel. While these may be things you’ve been looking forward to all year (I know I have!), they could cause annoying changes to your monthly cycle. Read more
‘My daughter, 5, grew breasts at two and started period aged four – now she’s being forced to go through menopause
Emily Dover also developed strong body odour and acne before she turned five – her mum says: “She hasn’t even had a chance to be a little girl” Read more
Do You Get Your Period When You’re Pregnant? The Answer Will Surprise You
Whether or not it’s the lack of comprehensive sex education that has been plaguing the United States in recent decades, or a continued sense of socially-contrived shame surrounding reproduction and women’s bodies, one can’t be sure. Either way, it’s somewhat normal to have a question about pregnancy you’re not... Read more
Learn What Your Periods Say About Your Health
We girls hate that time of the month when our body becomes a walking tap of blood but when that doesn’t show itself for a month or two, we become even more paranoid, because that means something is wrong with our body. Well, it is not just when we... Read more
Are They Signs Your Period Is Coming or Pregnancy?
Menstrual period occurs every month. Some women, however, have irregular menstrual cycles and never know when to expect it. Some may experience a host of signs that indicate their periods are imminent while others experience nothing. The signs and symptoms experienced before the menstrual period are collectively termed pre-menstrual... Read more
5 Good Reasons To Make Love On Your Period ( While She’s M.enstruating )
Whether you find the idea of se.x during your period gross or exciting is up to you. Perhaps colored by society – many cultures and religions consider it taboo – we shy away from even talking about it. But as long as you’re prepared, s.ex during your period can... Read more
These Symptoms Will Show If You Are Pregnant Way Earlier Than Your First Period
You don’t have to wait for your period to be late, instead you can watch for early symptoms which can show you are pregnant without making a pregnancy test. Headache – it appears when your blood pressure changes. Nausea can also happen 3 weeks after conceiving due to increasing... Read more
This Is What Your Period Is Saying About Your Health!
Periods are part of the menstrual cycle and they differ from woman to woman in frequency, duration and color. Periods can tell a lot about the gynecological health of a woman. In fact, your period can help you detect a minor or more serious health issue. That’s why observing... Read more
13 Things You Should Never, Ever Do During Your Period
Men always think we’re too emotional during that “time of the month”, so there are things you should never do while on your period. Getting out of bed is hard enough as it is, with our cramps and other hormonal issues. Read more

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