16 Miracle Babies Born Prematurely, Now Holding Their Own Baby Pictures
When it may seem like life is in a fragile balance, it might be just that. But when you have strength and will, amazing things can be accomplished. Read more
Premature Twins Holding Hands Take Internet By Storm
On January 4, Anthea Jackson-Rushford from Melbourne, Australia, gave birth to two premature twins. The tiny babies melted everyone’s hearts by holding hands on their father’s chest in a viral video that has nearly 10 million views. “It’s like he’s going…’I’ve got you’,” the new parents said. Read more
Smallest Premature Baby Tia-Jane McVeigh Is Grown Now, Father Says  ‘She’s my world’
One-year-old Tia-Jane McVeigh grabs her dad’s finger with fierce strength these days. It’s a simple skill, but one treasured by her parents, Adrian and Alysha McVeigh, because they know the extreme battle their daughter has fought to survive her first year of life. Read more
8 impossibly tiny newborns who beat the odds
Some of the smallest babies ever to survive, these little fighters are medical miracles. These smallest babies show how precious life is. Read more

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