Hero mom, pregnant with quadruplets and fighting cancer, forgoes treatment to save her babies
When Kayla Gaytan turned 29, doctors found that her chest cavity was full of tumors—she had cancer. After several months of chemo, she got another huge surprise: she was pregnant with quadruplets! Read more
It could be normal for obstetricians to experience the birth of twins considering their line of work, but anything above the number two would probably be on the more uncommon side of the spectrum. In the case of one mom-to-be, a routine ultrasound revealed a phenomenon her doctors hadn’t... Read more
READ: Mother writes final Facebook post before dying after birth of miracle babies
Erica Morales posted one last Facebook message before she heartbreakingly passed away – just hours after the birth of her quadruplets. Read more
Mom’s told one of her quadruplets is dying in womb—then, doctors give her two hard choices
Just when a couple was overjoyed to learn they had quadruplets on the way, doctors told them devastating news at 27 weeks into the pregnancy. They were told to make a decision to let one baby die or risk the lives of all four with a 40 percent chance of survival. Read more
A Southeast Texas mother of five is in shock after finding out she is pregnant with quadruplets
BAYTOWN – BAYTOWN – A Southeast mother of five and her husband are expecting four more children. 43-year old Ruth Mochire is having quadruplets. Ruth is from Baytown but attends The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Beaumont. Read more
Mom of quadruplet boys can’t tell them apart, so the super mom gives them NUMBERED haircut
It can be very difficult trying to tell identical twins apart sometimes, let alone identical quadruplets! So one Chinese mom came up with a practical, no-nonsense way to fix the matter of telling her quadruplet sons apart. Once the internet saw pictures of this serviceable solution, she and her... Read more
Check out these beautiful and adorable photos of newborn identical quadruplets
Photographer Cassandra Jones of Noelle Mirabella Photography in Grande Prairie, Alberta, shared these adorable photos of new parents Tim and Bethani Webb’s four daughters Abigail, McKayla, Grace, and Emily. The baby girls were born May 6 via C-section at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. Read more
Photos: Woman gives birth to identical quadruplets
A Shanghai woman, Wu conceived naturally and safely gave birth to identical quadruplets…all girl, on Thursday, July 7, making her a mother of six. Read more

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