Grandma dangerously ‘dozes off’ at the wheel—but her 6-year-old grandchild knew what to do
This Florida grandmother seemed fine when she decided to take her grandchildren out for a meal. But not long after they left, the grandchildren noticed the car began to swerve oddly, and they looked over to see their grandmother “dozing off” behind the wheel. They knew they were in... Read more
10 Ways To Wake A Grumpy Child In The Morning
Mornings can be hard even for those who are used to getting up with the sun. However, since young children can often be irrational creatures in every regard, it can be especially challenging to wake a grumpy child and seamlessly get out of the door without losing your mind,... Read more
Parents drugging babies for sleep warned of fatal side effects
Desperate parents seeking a quick fix to their baby’s sleep issues are being warned against resorting to drugs. Medication containing promethazine, such as Phenergan Elixir, which is an antihistamine for children over two, is being used by some parents to make their babies drowsy at bedtime. Read more
PHOTOS: Adorable Kids Who Lost The Fight Against Sleep
The never-ending battle between kids and sleep. Kids try to stay awake and play all day and all night but in the end, they always lose the fight and give in to the warm and sweet sleep. Read more
8 Things We Learned From a Sleep Expert About Putting Kids To Bed
Getting kids to sleep consistently and soundly can turn into a nightmare for parents, inspiring books like “Go the F***k to Sleep” and leaving everyone cranky and tired. Read more
Baby Napping DOs & DON’Ts
Do: Spot Sleepiness If your little one yawns, you may know it’s nap time. But there are other clues: Rubbing eyes, crying, and fussiness can be signs of sleepiness in newborns. Read more
How to Establish a Bedtime Routine
Want your child to go to sleep without fuss? Establishing a bedtime routine is the key. Read more
Sleep Training Your Baby When He Shares A Room With A Sibling
Not going to lie: Sleep training a baby when you have another child can be tricky. But knowing up front that the process may be disruptive for the entire household can help you manage your expectations and come up with a solution that works for everyone (at least most... Read more

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