Teen says last goodbye to boyfriend before life support is switched off – the picture breaks my heart
Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy. When you know it’s the last chance you’ll ever get, it can be unbearable for some. Read more
This Teen Says She’s 6 Months Pregnant, But People Think She’s Faking It For A Ridiculous Reason
Social media can be a great place for pregnant people to share updates about their pregnancy with family and friends. Read more
Teen refused to change her outfit so dad grabs scissors—mom says ‘are you kidding me?’
Actions speak louder than words and this dad knows it. Read more
Mom gets confused when teen daughter asks to stop the car, but she’s in tears when she sees why
Parents often worry whether or not they are raising their kids well. When this mother’s daughter asked her to please stop the car as they were driving home, she had no idea why. Read more
Family hears ‘screaming’ inside dead teen’s casket—What they find inside will shock you!
Long after this Honduran family’s daughter had been declared dead, a day after they had sealed her in a concrete tomb, they heard banging and screaming from within. Ecstatic and hopeful, the family scurried to rescue her. But, instead of a living girl, what they found was a mystery... Read more
Teen Strangled His High School Girlfriend. See Where Cops Found Her Body
This Teenage boy has been charged with the murder of his high school girlfriend Elisa Wright. As far as everyone was concerned they were a picture perfect couple but now the cops are saying that they found the 19 year old girl dead in her boyfriend’s house and she... Read more
The Slang You Need To Know To Understand Your Teen
It is up to us as parents to be versed in what our kids are currently doing and saying. Even though we may still feel hip or cool, the slang of 2016 is a lot different than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Read more

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