Dealing with your toddler’s bad behaviour
Mums can find it difficult when their toddler starts showing the first signs of independence and being naughty. See what causes it and how to deal with it.   Why has my toddler started misbehaving? As your toddler becomes more independent at around 24 months, they may also start... Read more
Adorable babies’ reaction when daddy comes home
If this video doesn’t make you want to be a parent..nothing else will! So cute and sweet and beautiful! Read more
Parents plead for help as their obese children try to eat themselves to death
Anxious parents, Rameshbhai and Pragnaben Nandwana say they are struggling to handle their overweight children, who are already trying to eat themselves to death as a result of eating so much. According to their mother, Pragnaben Nandwana, all three suffer breathing problems, even in their sleep, as a result... Read more
Watch As Brave Mom Shields 2-year-old Son from a Vicious Dog Attack—and Almost Dies from Doing So!
It was 5-7 minutes of absolute terror! Parents would do anything to keep their children safe, even if it means putting their own lives in the line of danger in doing so. This mother almost died while protecting her 2-year-old son, Grayson, who was viciously attacked by 2 neighbourhood... Read more
6 Little Behavior Problems In Kids You Shouldn’t Ignore
Here are six misbehaviours you may be tempted to overlook — and how to put an end to them pronto. Interrupting When You’re Talking Why you shouldn’t ignore it: Your child may be incredibly excited to tell you something or ask a question, but allowing her to butt in... Read more
Heartbreaking Pictures Of A Toddler Savagely Attacked By Family Dog
A toddler was savagely attacked by the family dog in Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend, leaving him severely injured. The little boy’s family posted photos and videos on Facebook, urging parents to be extra vigilant and not leave children with dogs even for a minute. The little boy is... Read more
Baby Makes 4 Generations Of Women Born With Streak of White Hair
Whether it’s dad’s eyes or mom’s nose, it’s always interesting to see which physical characteristics baby inherits. And one South Dakota baby is making headlines for a trait as enduring as it is unique: a streak of white hair that’s been in her family for at least four generations... Read more
How To Save Money On Baby Gear
Babies need a lot of stuff. Any way you cut it, babies are a big expense and so are all of the “accessories” that they come with! Think about it: crib, changing table, swing, walker, bouncer, jumper, diapers, formula, stroller, clothes, blankets, onesies, burp clothes, tiny socks, tiny shoes,... Read more
How To Stop Fingernail Biting In Kids
Nail biting is a very common habit in kids, and it can be a very annoying one for parents. Not only does biting the nails expose your child to unnecessary germs, it is also a habit that can really wear on parents nerves, but the most common question is... Read more
Video: When & How to Start Brushing Baby Teeth
As your baby grows, his mouth will slowly change from a gummy smile to one filled with baby teeth. Although these teeth are small, they are important as they reserve a spot for the adult teeth. It is crucial that you care for your baby’s teeth and keep them... Read more

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