Video: China’s ‘Baby Foodie’ Xiaoman Is An Internet Star With Billions Of Views
A Chinese toddler known online as Xiaoman, who gobbles down everything her mother gives her to eat, has become an internet sensation. 2½-year-old Xiaoman is an online sensation, bringing fame, a Pampers ad and questions about her weight   Source: The Wall Street Journal  Read more
“I want Jesus to come” toddler overwhelmed with love for Jesus cries
Two-year-old Ella Grace Pierce started to pray when she was just one and ever since has been devoted to loving Jesus. This is the adorable moment the two-year-old cries for her idol, Jesus Christ. Ella Grace Pierce, from Virginia, learnt to pray when she was just one and has since... Read more
This Toddler Is Definitely A Better Dancer Than You.. Her Has Been Watched Over 1.5 Million Times Already
In a YouTube video that has been viewed almost 1.5 million times, Maddie, who is assumed at this stage to be a full-time toddler, schools all of us on how to wait for that beat to drop and get your smoothest groove on. Do her sweet and sassy dance moves... Read more
Viral Video Of Schoolgirl Who Desperately Tries & Fails To Catch Toddler Falling From 2 Story Window
A young schoolgirl desperately tried – and failed – to catch a toddler as he fell from the window of his second-floor home and crashed into the ground below. The two-year-old crashed into bikes below the window, but amazingly survived with only minor scratches. The shocking accident took place... Read more
A woman dubbed a “super mum” has shared an eye-opening video showing what it takes to get triplets and a toddler to bed. The 2-minute time-lapsed video shows 26-year-old Corrie Whyte from Ontario, Canada, contending with her triplets Jackson, Olivia and Levi, and toddler Emily as she attempts to get... Read more
This Toddler Is The Ultimate Houdini And Stunt Child As He Scales Two Safety Gates
When you’re a small child and not 100% confident with spatial awareness and how to keep safe, there are certain measures in place to avoid disaster. Parents install locks or latches onto cupboard doors, hide dangerous items like knives and heavy, easily-toppled objects and, of course, the mandatory safety... Read more
Toddler Starves To Death After Being Left Home Alone For Nine Days, His Mother’s Excuse Will Leave You Speechless
A toddler died of hunger after he and his two-year-old sister were left home alone without food for nine days. Daniil, aged 23 months, died six days after his mother Vladislava Podchapko, 20, left him to spend time with her lover. His sister, Anna, who is two months away from... Read more
2-Year-Old Baby Miraculously Survives After Being Run Over By Driver Talking On His Phone
This is the frightening moment when a two-year-old boy playing in the streets gets run over by a car. Apparently, the driver is too busy talking on his cellphone to notice the young tot. CCTV footage shows the child playing in the middle of the street. A man taking... Read more
Horrified Neighbor Found Helpless Child Tied Up In A Fence With Elastic Cord Around The Neck
It is really heartbreaking to see innocent children being abused and neglected by their parents. This is how Matt Knight felt after discovering a helpless child tied to a fence with a bungee cord around the neck. Matt was mowing the lawn at his home when he heard a child screaming.... Read more
Parenting Expert Reveals Amazing New Way To Handle Toddler Tantrums
Toddler tamer Kylie Camps has declared that time outs are not an effective way to discipline toddlers. In fact, the sleep consultant and parenting expert says she recommends the ‘time in’. “We really encourage our families to move away from time outs and move towards time ins,” Kylie told the... Read more

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