Parenting Expert Reveals Amazing New Way To Handle Toddler Tantrums
Toddler tamer Kylie Camps has declared that time outs are not an effective way to discipline toddlers. In fact, the sleep consultant and parenting expert says she recommends the ‘time in’. “We really encourage our families to move away from time outs and move towards time ins,” Kylie told the... Read more
An adorable toddler with a congenital heart defect was the star of a Virginia prom. (KTRK) The breakout star of a Virginia high school prom wasn’t the quarterback or the class president, but an adorable toddler with an inspiring story. Finn Blumenthal, 2, was the guest of honor at... Read more
These Babies Aren’t Old Enough To Speak But Already Have Jobs & Successful Careers.. See How
The world changes on a daily basis, mostly in little ways we may not notice but every now and then major changes happen. Be its as a result of science and technology or just arts and Pop culture. When it comes to the area of work, responsiblty and sucess... Read more
This 18 Month Old Girl Gets Hit By Vehicle Twice And Survives
This is the shocking moment an 18-month-old girl got run over by a car twice in Hubei Province, central China. The girl miraculously survived and sustained just minor injuries on her face, according to reports. Doctors who inspected the toddler were surprised by her miraculous survival. Toddler miraculously survives... Read more
Horrified Mother Watches As Daycare Worker Slams Her Toddler down On His Face
Jazmine Torres, 22, was filmed on surveillance cameras at The Children’s Courtyard in Plano, Texas, lifting the toddler up by his arms and planting him on his nap mat on Friday. The boy’s mother Caitlin Gilmore was watching on a live feed during her lunch break at Wells Fargo... Read more
Twin Toddlers Escape from Their Cribs at Night to Discuss Life and Have a Wrestling Party
Nanny cams have become a necessity in modern homes. Although nothing beats being physically around your children, it certainly helps to know what they’re up to via these cameras. Nanny cam footage can be a treasure trove of internet gems, too, like this video of twin toddlers Andrew and... Read more
Toddler runs crying to her mom. What she says about her baby sister, mom couldn’t believe!
Little Ellia Anderson is 2-years-old and every now and then she can have her temper tantrum moments. When these erupt, there is only one magic bullet available to dry those tears up. Her little sister! Baby sister makes those tears instantly disappear! These two sisters will no doubt grow... Read more
This 1 Easy Trick Stops Tantrums in Their Tracks. Every Parent Needs to Know!
Kids don’t like being told “No.” The word is usually a catalyst for an epic meltdown, especially for toddlers who also like to throw it back at us. Like vortexes, kiddie tantrums tend to pull in everyone and everything around them. If you’re not prepared, you too will feel like yelling and stomping... Read more
Mom rescuing choking toddler daughter caught on video
Would you know what to do if your child started choking? Thankfully, Jennifer Hull of Prosper, Texas did. This stay-at-home mom credits taking a hospital infant safety class with saving the life of her choking 1-year-old daughter. And the entire ordeal was caught on video by the family’s nanny cam.... Read more
Mom Walks Into Kitchen, Sees What Her Baby With No Arms Is Doing. IMMEDIATELY Grabs Camera!
The first word you think of when you see this toddler who was born without arms is “disabled” – meaning limited and unable to do something, but when you see what she can do it will blow you away. Heck, she’s got more dexterity in her pinky toe than... Read more

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