Toddler runs crying to her mom. What she says about her baby sister, mom couldn’t believe!
Little Ellia Anderson is 2-years-old and every now and then she can have her temper tantrum moments. When these erupt, there is only one magic bullet available to dry those tears up. Her little sister! Baby sister makes those tears instantly disappear! These two sisters will no doubt grow... Read more
This 1 Easy Trick Stops Tantrums in Their Tracks. Every Parent Needs to Know!
Kids don’t like being told “No.” The word is usually a catalyst for an epic meltdown, especially for toddlers who also like to throw it back at us. Like vortexes, kiddie tantrums tend to pull in everyone and everything around them. If you’re not prepared, you too will feel like yelling and stomping... Read more
Mom rescuing choking toddler daughter caught on video
Would you know what to do if your child started choking? Thankfully, Jennifer Hull of Prosper, Texas did. This stay-at-home mom credits taking a hospital infant safety class with saving the life of her choking 1-year-old daughter. And the entire ordeal was caught on video by the family’s nanny cam.... Read more
Mom Walks Into Kitchen, Sees What Her Baby With No Arms Is Doing. IMMEDIATELY Grabs Camera!
The first word you think of when you see this toddler who was born without arms is “disabled” – meaning limited and unable to do something, but when you see what she can do it will blow you away. Heck, she’s got more dexterity in her pinky toe than... Read more
The Amazing Moment This Mom Breastfed Her Eldest…During Labor
Need more proof that moms are incredibly strong and incredibly good at multi-tasking? Check out this sweet image captured by New Jersey-based photographer Maegan Dougherty of a mama pausing during early labor to breastfeed her eldest daughter. In late November, Dougherty’s client Kate Neal (also a photographer), was induced by her midwives because... Read more
A woman named Stephanie set a hidden camera in her home to see what her husband is doing with their baby while she’s at work. As you can see in the video below, the relationship between a father and son is special. Watch the video to see some amazing... Read more
Dealing with your toddler’s bad behaviour
Mums can find it difficult when their toddler starts showing the first signs of independence and being naughty. See what causes it and how to deal with it.   Why has my toddler started misbehaving? As your toddler becomes more independent at around 24 months, they may also start... Read more
Adorable babies’ reaction when daddy comes home
If this video doesn’t make you want to be a parent..nothing else will! So cute and sweet and beautiful! Read more
Parents plead for help as their obese children try to eat themselves to death
Anxious parents, Rameshbhai and Pragnaben Nandwana say they are struggling to handle their overweight children, who are already trying to eat themselves to death as a result of eating so much. According to their mother, Pragnaben Nandwana, all three suffer breathing problems, even in their sleep, as a result... Read more
Watch As Brave Mom Shields 2-year-old Son from a Vicious Dog Attack—and Almost Dies from Doing So!
It was 5-7 minutes of absolute terror! Parents would do anything to keep their children safe, even if it means putting their own lives in the line of danger in doing so. This mother almost died while protecting her 2-year-old son, Grayson, who was viciously attacked by 2 neighbourhood... Read more

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