This Viral Video Of A Baby’s Reaction To Seeing Holiday Lights Will Even Warm A Grinch’s Heart
It can be hard to get in the holiday spirit, especially when retail stores are shoving it down your throat even before you’ve made plans for Thanksgiving dinner. Read more
Her teen is trapped in a toddler’s body—now mom explains what happened during pregnancy
“Angus is actually one of a kind, he’s completely unique in every single way,” said Tandy Palmer. That’s because her son Angus looks and acts like a special needs toddler—but is actually 13 years old. Read more
Mom puzzled seeing her toddler in tears—but when she asked why, she couldn’t believe her ears
It’s often hard to deal with a wailing toddler, but it is not the case for this pure-hearted little girl. The tot cried her heart out for an unbelievably sweet reason—she was overcome with emotions because of Jesus’s love for her! Read more
Toddler in diapers escapes from sleeping mother into streets—cops find him in front of liquor store
In a video taken of two cops escorting a diaper-clad toddler home, we see the little boy swinging and jumping, while holding hands with the two policemen. He probably had no idea that he’d gotten lost, but thanks to these officers, the little boy made it back home safe. Read more
Viral video of a cute baby boy disturbing his parents as they tried to concentrate during Yoga
This absolutely cute video went viral on twitter. It shows a little boy running around playfully and interfering with his parents’ Yoga stretches. Watch the video after the cut… Watch video below… Read more
Video of Toddler seen photographing mom causes a stir as it hits the internet
It is every parent’s duty to train and groom their kid for adulthood. However, it is different strokes for different folks. By the looks of things, the little boy in the video will not be stressing about the career he wants when he is all grown up. He seems... Read more
Cancer-stricken toddler continues fight for survival in Mexico
A Canberra toddler whose survival depends on a costly experimental treatment has relocated to Mexico with her family to fight for her life. As early as in May, the then three-year-old was preparing to move to the UK to undergo treatment for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare... Read more
AMAZING VIDEO: This bulldog has loved his little girl since they first met — and they’re growing up so fast together!
Its is absolutely amazing to see how this toddler and her bull dog have such a strong bond. Her mum who bought the dog for her has taken a lot of pictures and made a lot of videos of them together. This all tell the heart warming story of... Read more
Toddler ‘kidnapped’ right in front of his parents in a busy restaurant
This is the shocking moment a man appears to try to kidnap a child as the youngster plays just a few feet away from his parents. CCTV footage shows the toddler walking towards the play area of a Spur steak restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa, while his parents eat... Read more
Amazing Viral Video Of Little Boy Who Teams Up With His Dog To Raid A Fridge For A Snack
A true tale of man and his best friend or more like a toddler and his best friend lol What are friends for but to help you out – especially when you’re in dire need of a snack. A viral video shows a toddler in his nappies position his... Read more

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