Is My Toddler Ready for Potty Training?
Like learning to sit up, crawl and walk, potty training is a skill that your child must learn. Before mastering this skill, there are certain other skills and abilities that must be in place before learning can begin. Read more
Early Learning Concepts for Toddlers and Preschoolers to Master
Letters and numbers are among the concepts small children should know Read more
Do You Know The Right Age To Begin Calling Children Toddlers?
There’s no shortage of child development experts, but opinions about the definition of when a child shifts from infant to toddler vary. Read more
When Can Babies Have Eggs?
When and How to Introduce Eggs and How to Spot an Allergy Read more
Helping Your Toddlers Give Up the Bottle
A friend recently told me that she needed to get her 11-month-old off the bottle. Her pediatrician had told her he shouldn’t be using it any longer. Read more
7 Ways to Manage a Toddler While Caring for an Infant
It’s a tough job, but mommy’s got to do it. Read more
All You Need To Know About Bathing Babies
Bathing your newborn baby for the first time is one of the sweetest, and for some, one of the most anxiety-provoking milestones of parenthood. Read more
Why playing peekaboo with babies is a very serious matter
Laughter and smiles transcend barriers of age, language and culture, and babies know this better than anyone. They don’t speak our language. They don’t share our culture; and they are at least a generation younger than us. All the same, we can easily share a laugh. Read more
10 Language Mistakes Kids Make That Are Actually Pretty Smart
Little kids make such cute mistakes when they talk. We know they’re still learning the language, so we tolerate their errors and chuckle at how funny they sound. Read more
Babies Are Trying to Manipulate You Into Smiling at Them
Those first smiles from baby — right around two months old — are heartwarming, life-affirming reminders that you’re probably doing this whole parenting thing right. And then you learn that it’s actually baby’s foray into manipulating you. A new study out of University of California, San Diego was the first... Read more

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