How to Effectively Manage a Toddler While Also Caring for an Infant With No Stress!
Having a new bundle of joy not only adds to your family but you have to find a balance between caring for you infant and your toddler so none feel left out or neglected . It’s a tough job, but mommy’s got to do it. Welcoming a new baby... Read more
Mother Saw Something Strange On Her Baby’s Neck. What Actually Came Out Is Shocking
Parents do not want anything left in their kids’ rearing. But sometimes, the unexpected happens. When Mya Whittington (Kansas) was just seven-month-old, her mother started noticing her jaw area swelling. There was a small pimple initially which gradually turned her jaw completely swelled up. When Mya’s parents’ concern raised,... Read more
9 Ways Toddlers Say ‘I Love You’
Toddlers have their own set of love languages, expressing their love for you in different ways. Read more
Study finds shop-bought food for babies can be better than home-made meals
Home-made meals for babies and toddlers are not always better than shop-bought ones, researchers say. Read more
20 reasons toddlers are the worst people
It’s great when your child is no longer a baby. No more sleepless nights. No more endless crying fits. No more public meltdowns. Yeah, right. Read more
The Toddler And The New Born
Some children are excited when there is a new baby. They want to touch, they want to carry, they want to feed, always with new baby. They throw on their “big brother/sister super hero costume” This is not the case for all toddlers, some just see the new baby... Read more
Not every time, juice, soda and all. They might like you now for it, but when the tooth extraction begins and high blood sugar level, they probably would wish you gave them water instead. Read more
Blind Faith: Babies Born Blind
Tears filled my eyes when I heard this story “My mother and the rest of my family tried as much as possible to keep it from me, but I knew there was something different. We could be having dinner and my brother would just chuckle, I was only 5... Read more
Cartoons? Not Good Enough!
A Child expert claimed that TV can fry a child’s brain, yes she used the term “fry their brains”, and that they are better off playing outside, engaging in games such as jigsaw puzzles and in arts and crafts. The television has once been referred to as the” idiot... Read more
At What Age Can Babies Drink Water?
There are different ideas swirling around out there on what the appropriate age is to give babies water. What it all boils down to (pardon the pun) is this: do not offer water before 4 to 6 months of age, unless your doctor specifically recommended for a health concern. Read more

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