These Were Rarest Triplets Of The World And This Is How They Look Now
The joy of having is a wonderful experience and to have triplets born, it is one of most amazing gift of nature. The story of these three little angles Mackenzie, Macy and Madeline is more than a usual story of triplets. These triplets were unusual as two of them... Read more
Photos: Jobless Nigerian Graduate Welcomes A Set Of Triplets
An online appeal has been made over the plight a graduate of University of Ibadan, who welcomed a set of triplets but has no job to sustain the family. He really needs a job to keep up with the new responsibilities. Read more
These Adorable Triplets Nearly Broke the World Record for Birth Weight
Supersize delivery! When Kate Tipton gave birth to triplets at 34 weeks on March 16, the Knoxville, Tennessee, mom was shocked to learn the babies weighed a combined 19.6 pounds, making them the biggest-ever born at University of Tennessee Medical Center. Read more
Mom-of-Five Dies 10 Days after Delivering Triplets
A mom-of-five has passed away just days after giving birth to triplets, and now the Clay Center, Kan., community where she lived is rallying around the family she left behind. Read more

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