Mom thinks she’s carrying twins or triplets—but what doctors say leaves her utterly surprised
When a Utah mom had an ultrasound, she and her husband were surprised with what the doctors told them. The mom was pregnant with quintuplets. Using fertility drugs, the couple had been expecting twins or even triplets, but never quintuplets. It was the first set in the hospital, and everything... Read more
You Won’t Believe What This 34 Year Old Mother Said After Her First C-Section
There are numerous reasons why a woman may choose to have a cesarean section, some which may include Having an obstruction, such as a large fibroid, that would make a vaginal delivery difficult or impossible. The baby has a known malformation or abnormality that would make a vaginal birth... Read more
Many couples around the world that are trying to get pregnant, and are hoping for twins. Although the chances of getting pregnant with twins naturally are only 3%, according to experts, there are things that we can do to better these odds. For example, diet, ethnicity, genetics and lifestyle all play a... Read more
Tyler Perry offers offered to cover the burial service costs of twin girls who died in a hot car
16-month-old twin young ladies Ariel and Alaynah North (imagined) kicked the bucket after their 24-yr-old father Asa North left them in an an extremely hot car hot car in 90-degree temperatures outside their Georgia home. Read more
Man charged with manslaughter after forgetting his twin daughters in a hot car
These 16-month-old twin girls Ariel and Alaynah North (pictured) died after their 24-yr-old father Asa North left them in an extremely hot car in 90-degree temperatures outside their Georgia home. The girls were found unresponsive while strapped in their car seats in the back of his SUV. According to... Read more
They’re twins, but born 17 days apart
Alyssa Gullickson knows who’s paying attention when she tells the story about her children’s births. She can tell if they’re following along when she shares that, even though they’re twins, her children were born in different months, in different hospitals, in different counties. Read more
Twin sisters who were born holding hands are still inseparable two years after they defied the odds to survive
Twin sisters who held hands in the first seconds of their lives can’t stand being away from each other, two years after their odd-defying birth. Read more
This Is What It’s Like To Raise Twins
Double the sleep deprivation, double the fun. Read more
The World’s oldest male twins who have no children or wives turn 103
The World’s oldest living male twins, Belgian men Pieter and Paulus Langerock, who have lived together most of their lives, celebrated at their care home on Friday as they turned 103. Read more
Bible Verses For Parents Seeking To Conceive Twins
How awesome is God that He gives some people one blessing after another blessing. Below we will find out about twins in the Bible. There are some people in Scripture who might be twins even though Scripture doesn’t directly say it. Read more

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